Got Drool?  Then make one of these sweet bandana drool bibs for your little teether!  I have so many projects that I have made for Spangenbaby and I just haven’t gotten around to sharing any of them.  This project is one of them!  It’s such a great use for scrap fabrics as well because they don’t require much!

DIY Bandana Style Drool Bib at

I made mine reversible so that he could get more use out of them.  I also made sure to choose fabrics that will absorb the drool versus just let the drool roll right off!

Bandana Drool Bib Tutorial Pattern Reversible Drool Bib Pattern at


Supplies Needed:

Start by printing off my free printable pattern template and cutting it out.

Decide on your fabric and fold in half.  Cut your pattern after lining up the fold side of the template along the fold of your fabric.  Cut both fabrics.

Bandana Drool Bib

Lay the fabrics down right sides together.  Sew a 1/4” hem around leaving about a 2” gap.

How to make a bandana drool bib

I left the gap close to the point of one of the “straps” that get snapped behind his neck.

Easy DIY Drool Bib

Cut your hems where the straps curve and on the point of the bib.  Turn right side out.

Bandana Bib Tutorial at

Pin in the un hemmed opening and then sew a finishing stitch all the way around the bib.

DIY Drool Bib tutorial at

Fold the two “straps” over each other and using your snap kit, poke the hole, place the snaps and clamp them in place (full directions will come with your plier kit)



Using Snap Pliers to Finish the Bib

Now snap on your little drool monster and adore all the cuteness that unfolds!

Baby Gift Idea - Bandana Drool Bib


You can also check out this super easy Vinyl Snap Bib!  It’s perfect for when they learn to feed themselves!  Wipes clean in a snap!
How to make your own Vinyl Baby Bib
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