Parents:  Today is your day!  I have partnered with Gymboree to make back to school shopping EASY!  With a few clicks of your mouse you can have complete outfits, head to toe, for you little ones!  Say what?  That’s right, head to toe, including, coats, backpacks,  socks and shoes!  No tears, no tantrums and no outbursts!  (And none of those things for the kids either! {wink} )  Gymboree also has a special treat for YOU as well!  How about a $100 Gift card?

Easy Shopping with Gymboree-1

Gymboree has made our dreams come true!  What would you rather do, drag  yourself & all of your kids to the mall to go school shopping?  Or would you rather shop from the comfort of your own home knowing you can get everything you need with just your mouse?  I mean, shopping in my house without even having to put on real pants and drinking a glass of wine or chasing my kids through the food court and leaving having spent an extra $25 on a glowing yo-yo and 3 soft pretzels and a slushie!  It’s a great day when these show up to your door!

Back To School Shopping-32


It’s a no brainer really!  I am a huge fan of Gymboree for a few reasons.

  1. They have adorable boy clothes.  Boymoms you know the drill:  15 racks of girl stuff in a store, 2 racks of boy clothes.  I love, love, love every season of Gymboree’s boy line!
  2. I can dress all three of my boys (even in matching outfits!)  One stop shopping.  Gymboree dresses newborns to 12 years old!
  3. Great quality.  My boys can PLAY in this stuff and it holds up great!
  4. I can get play clothes AND I can get nicer clothes for Christmas, family pictures and Church!  Everything in one store!
  5. Everything goes together.  So I can mix and match shirts and pants and everything matches.  This is HUGE people…my boys cannot match if their lives depended on it!

To make back to school shopping even easier on us poor parents just trying to survive the last few weeks of summer vacation with our crew, they have created bundles.  Each bundle was handpicked by an expert stylist, with the perfect pieces to help you check off your entire back to school shopping list in just a couple of clicks!

Because I love everything they have, I let my kids do their shopping this year.  They really couldn’t go wrong!  I even let Spangenbaby pick a few things.  {More on that below}  So let’s see what they picked and what are their favorites!   P.S. Letting them choose means that they are much more eager to actually WEAR the stuff <—for any parents who have to fight to get their kids dressed!

Michael – 4th Grade

Michael is artistic, he is caring and he is able to build anything out of polymer clay!  The kid amazes me!  The Varsity Jacket is just a glimpse of him in high school!  Gah why do they grow up?

Back To School 4th Grade Shopping

Michael’s favorite find from his back to school clothes are the chambray shoes! :)   (I got the same shoes for all three boys because they are elastic shoe laces!  No tying shoes or flopping around shoe laces!!)

Back To School Shopping-8


Ryan – 1st Grade

Ryan is hilarious.  He is funny and silly and LOVES to make people laugh.  If you check out his video below you will get a glimpse of that personality! He wants to be a rock star so I am not allowed to cut his hair because he wants “rock star hair”!

Back to School Shopping 1st Grade

He couldn’t really name a favorite.  He loved the visor, picked out the basketball t-shirt and also loved the varsity jacket to keep up with big brother :)  Then he will tell you a few more of his favorites and also the reason for his long hair!


Spangenbaby – Kids Day Out

Now we are onto Spangenbaby…this dude starts “school” this year too, just like big brothers!  He’s going to Kids Day Out two times a week!

Back to School Shopping Preschool

This kid sat on my lap and picked out everything football!  This shirt and the football hat were HIS!  He cried when I took both off to change into pajamas for the night!  He was also in love with is backpack for “skoo”  He wore it around and kept saying “skoo bapack!”

Back To School Shopping-35


So like I mentioned above, I can dress all three alike.  It’s fun.  So I do it because soon Michael will have no part of it!   I love that everything can layer and they can wear them open and casual like this or buttoned up for church or family pictures!

Back To School Shopping-28

They are pretty stoked to start school and I am pretty stoked that it was the easiest process to get them dressed like the studs they are!

Back To School Shopping-15

Do you want your shot at a One Big Happy Moment?  The ability to deck out your tiny humans with a few clicks of a mouse?  Well you are in luck!  I have a $100 gift card up for grabs and entry is simple!  Tell me in a comment below what One Big Happy Moment your small person(s) is/are looking forward to this school year?  Losing a tooth?  School Play?  Getting to ride the bus?  Share that in the comment section below and you will be entered to win the gift card.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email and have 48 hours to respond before new winner is chosen.  By entering you are agreeing to my official giveaway rules. Giveaway ends 11:59 pm CST August 18th, 2016.

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Here’s to easy shopping this year!

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