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Do you have any part of your home you need to organize?  I am asking a pretty general and obvious question because let’s all be honest…there is ALWAYS some part of your life or home that needs organizing right?  I didn’t even have to be specific on the part of the house that needs it because these new Rubbermaid All Access Storage Bins can pretty much solve your organizing problems…whatever or where ever they may be!!

Yep, they are that awesome!


I’m gong to show you quickly what I did with mine and then I am going to tell you where else I see these in my home.  I am going to be honest.  I started out and bought two large and 1 small.  Then I went back and bought 2 more large and 2 more small and I may or may not have it on my to-do list to run back by The Home Depot and grab a few more!  They are so awesome I keep finding more and more uses for them!

OK so in my kitchen, the rooms are good size but the cabinet and drawer space is almost non existent.  I have a giant closet that acts as a pantry, broom closet, small appliance storage area, and more!  I’m keeping it totally real here…this is what the bottom looked like:


Don’t worry…I am a bit disgusted myself as well.  And it was a constant eye sore and a constant nagging voice “Do something with this messy area Cheryl!” every time I opened the door!  Ugh!

Now it is awesome!  I added two large  (and came back with a small).  All that stuff down there is now neatly tucked in the bins. 


The problem with regular bins is that once you stack them, it makes the bottom ones almost non accessible and that’s totally not cool!  What is cool are these All Access Organizers!  They open from the top as normal and then also from the side and they sport a clear door on the side so you can see exactly what’s inside.  No more playing “What’s in this bin!”    Even when you label bins you don’t’ get to SEE the contents.  Especially when I have 3 bins downstairs labeled “Kids Coats” {we did live in MN forever!}  I still have to dig through to find the coat I am looking for!  If I had these down there..I could do just that!  {see why I NEED more of these glorious organizational wonderful rectangles!}



I also organized our hall closet.  It is also a multi-function closet.  It serves as towel/sheet storage, extra toiletry storage {TP, tissues, shampoo} it also houses my kids bags and diaper bags, our first aid and medicines and our cleaning stuff.  It is all shelves but the bottom one is really deep because this closet is over our stairs and it has a funny angle on the bottom.  So this lowest shelf became a dumping ground for everything because it was a large catch all for the stuff that didn’t have a home anywhere else.  I added a small bin and now all the TP, shampoo, tissues, cleaners, rags and more have a nice home.  I have easy access to open the lid if need be, but can put things on top of it and my kids can still get their tissues and TP out!  Genius!


Here is how I want to use them in the rest of my house:

GARAGE:  Have a ball bin, summer stuff bin like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, helmets, a bin for all our car care stuff, a bin for my gardening tools, camping bin

PLAYROOM:  Self explanatory!  A bin for everything!!!!

CRAFT ROOM:  Store my fabric so I can easily see and access it but it stays clean from dust and little boy fingers!

LAUNDRY ROOM:  Pop a few of the smalls up on the shelf to keep all the soaps and stain stuff so my dryer top will stay clean and clutter free so I can use that are to fold!

HOME OFFICE:  Easily store those papers and manuals from all your electronics and small appliances as well as any extra office supplies

KIDS ROOM:  Self explanatory again.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place

MY CLOSET:  I am using one for my purses (keeps them accessible but nice and clean and dust free) and I am using one for hats.  Great thing is that I put them on my closet shelf and because of the access door I can still use the tops for storage of my bags and some blankets!

Seriously love these and would recommend you head straight out to The Home Depot to get some.  Sorry for everyone here in St. Louis…I might have bought them all already!  {wink}

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