Yesterday I was 17 weeks, 2 days along in my pregnancy.  I happened to have a photo from when I was pregnant with Ryan on that same exact date so I decided that I needed to document the belly this time too.  It’s hard to see, but if you look really, really close (like I do) and if I stand at just the right angle towards the camera you can see it there!

17 weeks 2 days #3

If you follow me in instagram you probably already saw this photo above.  That was yesterday.   Before anyone gets all up in arms about the tiny bump…let me show you my last pregnancy on this exact milestone day 17 weeks, 2 days.

17 wks 2 days - #2

This is me preggo with Ryan.  End of January 2010.  This is just how I am. Don’t worry though…I explode later.  At least I did with Ryan.

I got so swollen that my husband stopped calling what would be my ankles, cankles, and started referring to them as “thankles” because it just went thigh width all the way down.  I am not even kidding!  I was positive that I’d get stretch marks on my feet!  I had to wake up and put on slide on shoes FIRST THING so that I could waddle around the house getting ready in them in hopes that by the time I left for work they’d actually have squeezed onto my fat feet!   My laces on my tennis shoes could no longer be tied my poor feet were so fat.  For those of you who are mad about my tiny bump now…you can look forward to those pictures in the future!  ;-)

This pregnancy is totally different from my last.  I was sick this time.  I have insomnia this time.  This baby loves these spinach and artichoke egg soufflés from St. Louis Bread Company.  If you are ever wondering what would be a good gift for me…gift cards to there would be awesome!  {wink}   He/She wakes me up at the wee hours of the night DEMANDING one of these soufflés.  I don’t disagree but it’s just not happening so please let me sleep!

egg souffle

He/She wants fruit (especially strawberries) and vegetables (especially cucumbers) and could live off of homemade granola! Also LOVES Orange Drink from McDonald’s.  There are about 3 things that actually sound good to me to eat and my absolute favorite things in the world…no longer appeal to me at all.

Mexican and Coffee.

So sad.

I hope they return to me after this little one pops out!   I should clarify…Mexican FOOD.  Margaritas still sound glorious to me!  With Ryan I didn’t crave anything crazy, I just wanted my favorites ALL THE TIME.  That included Jimmy John’s, coffee and hot tamale candies!

Well that’s the update for now.  Tell me…were your pregnancies the same or different?

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