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From the Mouth of Babes…Honesty from a 3 Year Old

It never is so honest as it is from the mouth of babes…Honesty from a 3 year old! I’m standing in my bathroom getting ready to hop into the shower.  As always, I have a spectator.  Nope, not my husband, but the smallest person.  Every mom knows exactly what I am talking about:  you peeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Big News for the New Year…

Happy Thursday friends.  We are on snow day #4.  Yes you read that correctly…NUMBER FOUR.  After a 2 week Christmas break already!  Lots of snow and ice are keeping us homebound and so we are going a wee bit crazy in here!  I also have a bit of work to do and it’s extremely hardContinue ReadingContinue Reading

  Today is Ryan’s First Day of Preschool!   It’s hard to believe this little guy is already old enough to go to preschool!  All his life, he has watched his brother go to school, get on and off the bus at the bus stop, bring “homework” home and talk about his friends at school. Continue Reading

First Day of First Grade!

Michael’s first day of first grade   How is this even possbile?  Wasn’t I JUST sending him off to preschool?  I honestly feel like just last week he hopped OFF the bus on the last day and now we are right back at the bus stop and he’s getting back on…but older and more grownContinue Reading

GoodNites Make Traveling Great Nights!

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights” I just want to share a little story with you all. We are driving with the kids the 11+ hours it takes to get to Minnesota to ourContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Raspberry Cocktail Recipe

I have some fun things for you today!  There’s a recipe for a fabulous raspberry cocktail, fashion gossip and a gift card giveaway involved!  Happy Friday Friends!!! Do you watch the Oscars?  In college we used to all get together and watch the award shows as a group!!  We always ordered Chinese food for theContinue Reading

Bug & Monster Spray

I hope you’ll read on to find out how to create your very own *magic* DIY bug and monster spray!   “A spray a day keeps the monsters and bugs away!”  Why had I not thought of this sooner?!?  All that spider/Halloween/Ghost/Haunted House talk lately has Michael not wanting to go into our basement byContinue Reading

First Day of Kindergarten

  Today was Michael’s first day of Kindergarten! I didn’t cry.  I am not much of a crier.  I was really, really ready for school to start.  Michael has so much imagination and curiosity in his little head that after a long summer with MANY days too hot to even send him outside…I am readyContinue Reading

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  The other day, I started to realize the things that I say 8,643,710 times a day and started to make a list in my mind.  Well…you know how that goes…now you all get to read about them! Things I say 8,643,710 times aContinue Reading

Spangenblurbs 7/1

Wow…it’s been a really long time since I did one of these posts!  I got off track and never jumped back on.  These are basically about funny things my kids do or silly stuff that goes on in our life and a play on our last name…Spangenberg. Ryan got this giant beach ball for hisContinue Reading

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan!

Ok so the 12th was his actual birthday but I am behind in posting this because we were having so much fun! Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy.  I fell in love with you the minute I saw your lip quiver in the OR and my love has grown a million times and again.Continue Reading

Just a Bunch of Words…

Amidst the Washi Tape craze that is going on here, other stuff is happening also. It’s good to be back in St. Louis.  If you follow hockey, you then know that the Blues are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  If you follow baseball, then you know that today was the Cardinals home opener.  It rainedContinue Reading

You Can Just Call Me Bobby…

OK so Ryan is talking up a storm which is great and all.  The thing is…he seems to like to replace the “M” sound with a “B” sound… Milk = Bilk (not to be confused in the car for BOOK which he will then shoot you the look from hell and throw the book acrossContinue Reading

I do realize that I may be posting this project a wee bit late but since it is revolving, it really doesn’t matter when you start it!  With the colds we caught from the Holidays and then the recent passing of one of our family dogs, I am just moving a bit slow! I’d loveContinue Reading

Our oldest of our two dogs, Thumper, passed away during the night on Tuesday night.  Freddy gets up each morning to go work out and then returns and walks the dogs.  He came into our room a little after 6 am and told me that Thumper had passed away.  He was 11.5 years old. IContinue Reading

Children’s Sensory Fun!

Do you remember back this summer I told you that I loved our water table that the boys had?  Well I decided to bring that table inside and take advantage of our wall to wall tile floors!  No, I didn’t fill it with water…I filled it with dry pasta noodles! That’s right, ziti, rigatoni, eggContinue Reading

This is a post filled with pictures of my kids and not much else.  Just putting that out there at the start! Freddy & I unfortunately are still driving the same rides, but the kids totally moved up in the world.  We gave Michael a new bike for his birthday!  It was much needed! WhichContinue Reading

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!  The baby mullet is GONE!!!! It was time.  As much as I hated to cut his hair, it had to be done.  Cutting your baby’s hair is like one of the many events that just beam flashing lights around the fact that he is growing up.  You know, those annoying flashing bulb ones…IContinue Reading

Happy 5th Birthday to my Sweet Boy!  I can hardly believe that 5 whole years have already gone by! Here’s the day we brought Michael home from the hospital!  He was so tiny and smelled soooooo good! I could have just stared at that precious face forever… and I still do…. He is full of energyContinue Reading

Well…today was day 4 of Pre-K.  The morning started out great.  Michael woke up in a great mood, got dressed, ate breakfast, played with some letters and his little brother.  He sang on the way to school and asked me 8 million questions and how to spell a few words, or rather spelled words forContinue Reading

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