Spring Wreath

This simple DIY Berry Spring Wreath is perfect for your front door or above your mantel.  The mix of purple, white and touches of spring green are the perfect accent for the new spring weather!

Spring Wreath
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There are so many fresh new faces here these days and I am so excited to have you all here with me!!  If you were here for my 25 Days of Christmas Series then you might remember my Berry Wreath!  It turned out great and it was a huge hit in the series!  Well I happened to be at Dollar Tree the other day and what do you know??  I found these berries again but in beautiful spring colors! Violet, Lavender, White and Green!


I knew I had to make another one for spring!  Same exact tutorial as last time but this time with spring colors!

Supplies Needed for Berry Spring Wreath:

Spring Berry Wreath

This tutorial is so easy, I’m not kidding!  Start off by pulling the berry bunches from the stems.

Berries off the branches

Then simply start hot gluing them onto your wreath form.  It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together.  If you have a party of the berry sprig that is sticking out or in the wrong direction simply snip that part off with some scissors so it will lay flat.  Start and work your way around the wreath until it is full!

Hot Glue Sprigs onto Wreath

Spring Berry Wreath Finished

I am a pretty big fan of it obviously!  I think it is spring-like enough that it will work perfect for after St. Patrick’s day and then it is also neutral enough that it can last me through May!    I am not a big “bow person” but you could certainly also add a bow or ribbon to this as well!   So next time you are at your Dollar Tree, be sure to always check out the artificial flower section, you will be “berry” happy you did!  {sorry…I couldn’t help myself!}

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Screams spring to me and I’m so ready for it!

  2. Oh.My.Word. Here we go again! I have gone to 4 different Dollar Trees and one 99 cent store lately and not seen these berries!! I MUST find them! That is gorgeous! Oh, I’m making the M and M shamrocks next week! You keep me so busy! Thanks, kiddo!!

  3. What a beautiful wreath!! I loved your Christmas berry one, but this is right there with it. Love the spring colors and that you can keep it up until May. Also, love the washi tape on your glue gun :)

  4. I LOVE these colors!! This is such an amazing wreath!! Thanks so much for sharing. I recently started a Thursday link-up party (yes, today:), and I would really love to see this post and/or any others you would like to include. I am at allthingswithpurpose.com. Hope to see you there and for many more Thursday’s to come!!

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  7. Hey Cheryl! I know this post is old but its my first spring in the US since 1997! I came back after I got married. I absolutely LOVE this spring wreath. But I can’t seem to find these berry sprigs :( Help! Please!

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