Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe

You love them, they are only around for a limited time and it’s hard to justify going to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake every night, right??  Well you are in luck! Today I am sharing my copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe!! I have seen several copy cat recipes for this delicious minty green shake but mine is a combination of several with a bit of me put in there too {chocolate!!!! }  I make this shake in my single serve blender that is a knock off of the Magic Bullet!  I got it at Wal-Mart for about $15.88 and it was originally to make Ryan his baby food.  Now it makes me smoothies and Copycat Shamrock Shakes and is still running great!

With that being said you can increase this recipe for regular blender sizes as well.  It’s not a science!

Shamrock Shake

I got a little “crazy” and I added some sugar free chocolate sauce on the top.  I made one for Michael and I put mini-chocolate chips on it!  It then reminded me of mint chocolate chip ice-cream!

Copycat Shamrock Shake with Chocolate Chips

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Copycat Shamrock Shake
copycat Shamrock Shake
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copycat Shamrock Shake
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  1. Start off by filling your blender cup with 4 good sized scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of Cold Milk
  3. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Peppermint Extract
  4. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  5. Add aout 6 drops of Green Food Coloring
  6. Blend until smooth and creamy, adding more milk as necessary.
  7. Top with Whipped Topping and chocolate sauce/or mini-chocolate chips
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Posted By: Cheryl Spangenberg

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  1. Yummy!! I like your version because you added chocolate!! I think mint should not be without chocolate…they go hand in hand. LOL!!

  2. My husband just got me a mint shake from Arby’s last night… So similar! This looks easy enough for me to make… This can be dangerous. :)

  3. stopping over from the create & inspire party! Your recipe sounds delish!!! I may even have all ingredients in my home now…. looks like I am heading to the kitchen!!! lol

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