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OK Seriously, Duck Tape® is stepping up their game!  Have you seen the awesome new designs they have these days?  Everything from Mickey Mouse to your favorite sports team!  I used some today to make this adorable Mummy Pumpkin that will adorn my Witch’s Crash Landing Porch Display perfectly!  This project is so easy and my oldest helped me with the project (while the youngest napped, but he could have helped too!)  This Mummy Pumpkin would be perfect to make with school groups, for Halloween parties or just because it’s fun! Duck_Tape_Mummy_Pumpkin_with_thatswhatchesaid.net_

Supplies Needed:

  • Duck Tape® in White
  • Set of Large Googly Eyes
  • Pumpkin (craft pumpkin or real one!)

Mummy_Pumpkin_Supplies_Duck_Tape_Projects I started off by making two small tape loops with a small piece of my Duck Tape® and using it to temporarily secure my eyes on my pumpkin. Mummy_Pumpkin_Duck_Tape Next I cut strips of my White Duck Tape® in varying lengths and then cut it again lengthwise to make smaller width strips. Mummy_Pumpkin_with_thatshwhatchesaid.net_ Then I  started layering on the strips as Mummy Bandages!  I made sure to cover the googley eyes partially in order to hold them on the pumpkin more permanently! Mummy_Pumpkin5 DIY_Mummy_Pumpkin_with_thatswhatchesaid.net_

Have you crafted with Duck Tape® lately?  I recommend heading out and getting yourself some of the fun new rolls of Duck Tape® and then making a pumpkin of your own for the contest!  When you complete your project and enter it in the contest, come back and leave me a link to your finished masterpiece or post a picture of it on my Facebook Page! Duck Tape® is on Twitter!  Be sure to follow them and keep up with new prints and promotions!  Happy Crafting!

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  1. Dona

    Too, too, cute!!!! I’m makin’ one! Thanks, Kiddo! Dona

    • Hey!!!! I haven’t heard from you in a bit…I was getting worried! :)

  2. Great idea Cheryl. You can’t go wrong with anything Duck Tape!

    • Thanks Malia! Right? I agree…my kids want to Duck Tape everything now!

  3. One of the cutest mummies I’ve ever seen {wink}. I bet the boys just loved it too! xo

  4. Debbie

    Cute!!!! I love this idea :)

  5. LOL Oh my goodness…you made me laugh with how stinkin’ cute this is! If I show it to my boys, I’m afraid they may want to make a Duct Tape mummy out of their little brother so I’ll just keep this cutie idea to myself.

    • Ha! Good Idea Mary Beth…I am actually quite surprised that was not tried in my own house! :)

  6. Oh my cuteness! You are one creative cookie!

  7. I love this Cheryl! What a fun idea, and perfect for kids! I’ll be featuring this on Saturday!

    Thanks for linking up to the Block Party!


  8. What a cute idea! Thinking I will let my kids do this this weekend!

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