Key To My Heart Valentine's Day Picture Frame at

Key to My Heart Frame

I have a super easy little Valentine’s Day Gift that can be used for almost anyone!  This Key to My Heart Frame can be so versatile.  Fill it with a picture of your kids and give to grandparents!  Put a picture of you and your significant other and it’s a cute gesture of your love.

Key To My Heart Valentine's Day Picture Frame at

If you are like me and you may or may not hoard craft supplies you may or may not have several (dozen) of these simple $1 frames that you can find in almost every craft store.  I love them.  I use them for so many different things (other than frames most times) and so I always have them on hand.  They are great when the kids what to craft too…let them have at it.  Paint, glitter, stickers, anything…they love it!

Well today I am transforming one into a sweet Valentine’s Day Gift.  The Key to My Heart frame!

Supplies for Key to My Heart Frame:

OK I started out by painting my frame white.  You can do any color you’d like.

Valentine You're Just Write! Free Printable non-candy Valentine Idea at

Valentine You’re Just Write!

I like options.  Do you like options?  I thought so.  Here is another free valentine printable perfect for class parties!  This non candy option reads “Valentine You’re Just Write!” and you can add your favorite valentine pencils to them!

Valentine You're Just Write!  Free Printable non-candy Valentine Idea at

My kids LOVE those “special” pencils.  When I was younger I could care less.  I liked the clicky ones!  However they get pretty excited about seasonal and pretty ones so I go with it!  What’s also great about this valentine is that it is EASY to put together!  Your kids can even do it!  I kept these in rectangle form so they are easy to cut out.

Valentine You're Just Write!  Free Printable non-candy Valentine Idea at

Supplies Needed for Fun Non Candy Valentine Idea:

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable! Perfect for a family Valentine activity from

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable

This simple Love Notes Frame + Free Printable has been such a fun activity in our house.  It might possibly be the the easiest thing I have done that has been so rewarding for myself and my kids!  Print the printable, add a frame and grab a dry erase marker!  The love and affirmations do good for your soul…and your small people’s words to you mean just as much as yours to them!

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable from Print off the background, add to a frame and express you love this Valentine's Day!

Who doesn’t love to hear what people love about you?  As much as some might deny it, positive affirmations are amazing!  I feel as families we are so comfortable with each other and we know we “have” to love each other that we sometimes don’t give the love each deserves.

That was my nice way of saying I live in a house of boys.  A husband, 3 small man children and a boy dog.  Most days it is like a frat house up in here.   There is lots of yelling.  Lots of rough housing.  Lots of name calling (poop head, butt face, etc.).  Everything is sticky and more than not…smelly.

I love you because Free Printable 8 x 10

I made this printable and placed it in a frame I already had on hand.  I made an 8 x 10 both in portrait and landscape orientation and also a 5 x 7 size in both directions so hopefully you have an extra frame you can use around the house as well.

3 Ingredient White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

If you are looking for something sweet and easy to make for the sweeties in your life, this 3 ingredient white chocolate fudge is amazing!  You can dress it up however you’d like or just leave it as is and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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I have this silicone heart mold that I just love to use and honestly look for things to use it for!  I have previously made adorable pink and red milk ice cubes that float along side these adorable heart rim cookies!  Cookies and milk was taken to a whole other level…a lovely level!

Heart Cookies and Milk at

So today I am sharing this simple 3 Ingredient White Chocolate Fudge with you that I was able to use my heart silicone mold for. This is completely optional and I will give you a few more ideas below if you don’t have a pan of your own.

Pin this to your Valentine’s Pinterest Boards and follow along on Facebook for more Valentine Treats!

White Chocolate Heart 3 Ingredient Fudge Recipe at

3 Ingredient White Chocolate Fudge:

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Heart Attack Door Idea for Valentines Day

Give Your Loved Ones a “Heart Attack” Valentine!

Today for our Tuesday Tip or Trick…we are talking Valentine’s Day!  I’m sharing some ways to give your loved ones a “heart attack” this February with my Heart Attack Valentine Activity!

3 Ways to Give a Heart Attack this Valentine's Day at

While I understand fully the severity of heart attacks, I do have some non life threatening ones that your family and friends would actually want!  Here are # Ways to “Heart Attack” your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!  I have included free printables and cut files to make this as easy as possible for you to recreate

Whether you live near or far you can send love to your family and friends with these fun ways to shower them in hearts!

Supplies Needed for Heart Attack Valentine Activity:

  • Cardstock in Valentine (or not) colors
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sharpie
  • (optional) Silhouette Cut File for a Cameo, Curio, or Portrait
  • (optional) Free Heart Printable to cut out in place of the cardstock
  • (optional) Paper Doilies if you hate to cut things out and don’t have an electronic cutting machine

Heart Attack Valentine Activity at

1.  Heart Attack Door Décor.