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Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

I told you I was obsessed with Washi Tape.  This poor little guy never had a chance!  After I finished the washi tape clothespins, and then covered the light and outlet covers with washi…this guy just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was chilling in a small bin that had a bunch of craft supplies that I needed to take back downstairs to the craft room.  He was just sitting there, all quiet and white and boring.  Look at him now!!!!

Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

Directions are simple…get some washi tape,

Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

cover your hot glue gun with said washi tape!  I told you it was easy!  there are no rules for this.  Use what you like, what you have and slap it on anyway you need to!  It will make your boring hot glue gun…not so boring anymore!

Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

I loved my hot glue gun for the mere fact of it’s brilliance…and now I love him because he’s so pretty!

Want to see all my washi tape projects?  Click HERE and you can do just that!

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12 Responses to Washi Tape Hot Glue Gun

  1. Che,

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were bored. Just (semi) kidding. Seriously, I like the idea but washi tape options suck around here. The closest craft store here, which is twentyfour miles away, never even heard of the stuff. I did find TWO different packages in the Martha Stewart section though. Jo-Ann had TWO more different packages in their Martha Stewart section with the wedding things and it was being clearanced out. The colors in them are in gold and silver. Pretty but delicate and BORING – no colors that pop. Another blog said “GO TO TARGET; THEY HAVE A GREAT SELECTION!” So I did. TWO more rolls and one was the tape measure you have (which I didn’t buy) and the other the black with the white dots (which I did). :( :( :( :( :( Michaels, which is twentyfive miles in the opposite direction, has had NONE!!!!!!!
    How can I make the pretty things I see all over blogland when I can’t find the supplies. (Heaving breaths with whining and a pouty face) Just not meant to be and I don’t order on line so that takes care of that option.
    (More sad face)


  2. My daughter collects those washi tapes and she just can’t get enough. She’ll be glad that she has the same obsession as yours. The glue gun now looks girly. Kudos!^^

    • Thanks Kelley! It’s held up really well too I might add! I was not sure at first bit its been over a year and i think one small piece around the foot under the tip I pulled off but other than that they are all hanging on quite nicely!

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