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Package Pals Fun!

I signed up with Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. to participate in her first ever Package Pals.  Idea is simple, she pairs you up with a fellow crafter/blogger and and you make each other a crafty package and mail it to one another!  I love getting mail that’s not junk or a bill.

I kind of think that Jamie had a sixth sense when she paired me up with Anna from Directions Not Included.  It took me all about 0.4876 seconds to realize that Anna might just be my twin!  I spent an evening reading her fabulous blog that documents her crafty creations but more-so her journey with her husband remodeling, top to bottom and old 1950’s house and making it their own.  I hope that at some point our paths get to cross!

So here is what Anna sent to me and then I will show you what I sent Anna!  She sent a box full of Sunny Florida right to my door step!




I love it! I have this quote pinned on one of my Pinterest boards so I am in LOVE with the happy yellow one she sent me! I am going to frame it and put it in my new craft area at the new house! LOVE IT!


I also LOVE this awesome apron she made me! It’s so cheerful and stinkin’ cute!! I can’t wait to use it!  Just having it in my kitchen makes my kitchen more cheerful!


Last but not least, she sent me some coffee! The girl knows what will make me smile. She told me she can’t start her day without it and I couldn’t agree more!

Here is what I sent Anna!


Anna is a woman after my own heart and loves lists…so I made her one of her very own!  She loves Bob Dylan so I personalized the bottom of the list with a Bob Dylan quote.  A little something to make that to-do list a bit more fun!  (tutorial to come soon!)



I left the line under her name blank so that she could use it for the date or to categorize her lists for her house renovation and possibly sort by rooms, “Kitchen”, “Bathroom”, etc.  To take the organization (OCD) one step further….a whole pack of colored pens to make the list pretty to the eye and coordinate!

IMG_1073Pin It
She also has furry babies.  I know first hand how much a furry friend can and does become your real child.  I thought every mom needed a necklace with her baby’s names.  So I made her one of my hand stamped washer necklaces.  This time I used 2 washers and overlapped them.  She can also use this for a key chain if necklaces aren’t her thing.  I liked using the washers and keeping the to do list kind of industrial because Anna says she is a “gets her hands dirty” crafter and worker! IMG_1069
Thanks Anna for being the BEST PACKAGE PAL and thanks so much to the new MRS. Jamie (she just got married!!!!!) for hosting an awesome event! I can’t wait to participate again. If you are not already reading Directions Not Included and C.R.A.F.T. you should be! Head over and fall in love!

Curious as to what other package pals gave and received?  Check out the link party for the participants!  I’ll be linking up there as well!

And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…


11 Responses to Package Pals Fun!

  1. We really made the perfect pair! I love my gifts and even used my to do list already!! I had the hide the markers from the hubby. I saw him eyeing them so they were quickly squirreled away in a drawer ;)
    I’ll be rocking the necklace this weekend. You had no idea but I had a couple of similar styles bookmarked on Etsy to have made with the names of the furry ones.

    Thanks again. It was awesome to meet you this way!

  2. YAY! I’m so happy y’all enjoyed PP and each other :) Thanks for playing! I LOVE that apron and a personalized to do list is always a useful gift!

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