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Mod Podge Tiered Platter

I am so excited for this tutorial today!  I am sharing my Mod Podge Tiered Platter !  You are going to love these because the concept can be applied to any occasion or holiday! 

Mod Podge Tiered Cookie Platter

25 Days of Christmas Banner Day 7

Supplies Needed:

  • (1) small clear glass plate
  • (1) regular clear glass dinner plate
  • fabric of choice
  • Sparkle Mod Podge
  • Super Gloss Mod Podge
  • Paintbrushes
  • Candle Stick
  • Strong Glue

I found the small & regular plates and the candle holder at my local Dollar Tree.  For the fabric, I used this cute napkin set I found at Wal-Mart. 

Mod Podge Cookie Plate Supplies

Start off by setting your plate {right side down} on your table and give it a good {GOOD} coat of sparkle mod podge!

Mod Podge Plate

Really coat it well!  {{you can see the sparkle in the photo below if you look hard!}}

Mod Podge Sparkle

Next, lay your fabric {right side down} on your plate.  I pushed it in the far corner of the napkin so I could get two small plates out of one napkin!  There is a plate under the fabric below!

Smooth out the bubbles and wrinkles with your hands quickly. The fabric sucks in the Mod Podge and it dries out quickly. {{that’s why I said a GOOD coat! *wink*}}

Fabric on Mod Podge Plate

Next, flip the plate and fabric over and carefully trim off the excess fabric.  {Can you see the sparkle?}

Trim Fabric from Plate

Once your excess fabric is trimmed off, you will need to inspect the edges of your plate!  If you see any that are not sealed down securely, you will need to help those areas!

Edges not sealed

I lifted the edge slightly and applied more Mod Podge to the edge with a small paint brush.  Press firmly to make sure the fabric is securely on the plate.

Seal Edges

Once you seal the edges good, flip the plate back right side down and apply another thick coat of Mod Podge.  This time I used High Gloss type of Mod Podge.  I used high gloss versus matte because high gloss gives a smooth finish on the fabric.  The matte seemed to leave the fabric rough. 

Coat of Super Gloss Mod Podge

I also made sure I paid attention to the edges with this coat also!  Let that dry.  Repeat on second plate.  Once they are both dry, use a strong adhesive (E6000) to secure the candlestick to the plates.  Be sure not to get too much excess glue.  You don’t want it go goo out all over the plate.

Mod Podge Tiered Plate

It’s hard to see but the sparkle is awesome!  I am not even a glittery person and I am in love! Add your favorite cookies and you have yourself a cute cookie tiered platter! 

Cookies on Plate Square

I love it so much I am planning on making some cookie plates to accompany this guy!  Now this plate is certainly not dishwasher approved so I’d keep it for dry treats.  Cookies, cupcakes, small finger foods…nothing to messy!  I wish you could see the sparkle better in the photos! 

Tiered Platter

If you’d like to get your Mod Podge on…you can find them at all these great places! 

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25 Responses to Mod Podge Tiered Platter

    • Aren’t they?!? I loved them too but we are not fabric napkin kind of people…my boys are still way too messy! I found them at Wal-Mart in the Christmas home decor aisle!

  1. THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (did ya hear me?)

    I love it. I bought 2 different sized plates and the same candlestick… but they are sitting in a bag.
    Your’s is somehow SO much cuter. lol. I can see the sparkle too. Which takes it over into the realm of fabulous!!

    Thanks for sharing, it’s darling :)

  2. I just picked up my first bottle ever of this “Mod Podge” -thanks to the fact that every awesome project ever made needs it. I think your project here will be my first! I’m going to use this concept to make candle holders, and a new stand for my scentsy warmer. Thank you!!

    • Hi Debbie! If your napkin was the really thick kind I think it would work. You need to be able to stretch it so it doesn’t gap because you are putting a squre thing on a round object. Just use extra care and I think it’d work just great!!!

  3. Quick question, how does this stand up to cleaning? Is it okay to submerge in water? Dishwasher? So cute, I can’t wait to try it – would just hate to ruin it shortly afterwards! ;)

    • Laura, this is not dishwasher safe! That’s why I recommend using it for dry foods…cookies, crackers, finger food, etc. You can get the back wet, the water seems to just bead off of it, however I wouldn’t recommend soaking/submerging it in water…make sense?!? I’ve washed mine twice now and I don’t see anything going wrong with it! Hope you love yours!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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