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Ho Ho Ho Kitchen Towel

OK…so if you have been following along on this whole series (or my blog in general) for a while you *might* realize that I have a thing for supplies found at the dollar store.  I am not made of money…and the money I do have needs to go to things like tuition, electricity and food…did you know kids like to eat THREE times a day?!?!  Seriously…so my supplies for my crafts and creativeness need to be inexpensive and I seem to always find things at the dollar store that I can make so. much. better. 

HoHoHo Kitchen Towel

I am so excited to share with you these cute ho ho ho kitchen towels! 

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Supplies Needed:

  • Flour Sack Kitchen Towel (found at Dollar Tree)
  • Red & Green Heat transfer material
  • Silhouette or *Xacto knife
  • Iron

I started out by washing my flour sack towel.  The reason is that it is all crisp and nice square at the store, but the first time you wash it…it kind of changes shape and wriggles itself into it’s true form.  You want it in its true form BEFORE you apply the heat transfer so that when you wash it again…it doesn’t look all wonky! 

Flour Sack

I laid out a “ho” in my Silhouette Software and then matched that with a “3”.  I sized accordingly and flipped the images horizontally to “mirror” so that they will read correctly when on the towel.  I cut them out and then weeded off the excess heat transfer material. 

Flour Sack Towel and Heat Transfers

*If you don’t have a Silhouette you can do this by printing up the letters on a word document and sizing appropriately and then flipping them horizontally.  Cut out and use them as stencils on your heat transfers.  You can use an Xacto knife to cut through the heat transfer. 

Place the cut outs on your flour sack and use a hot iron to press them on.  Simple as that!  Note:  directions say to place a towel or piece of fabric in between the heat transfers and the iron…I found if I don’t do it directly on the plastic…the heat transfer does not stick well.  Just be sure not to melt the plastic on your iron! 

Iron on heat transfer

I am in love with the “Ho cubed” thing because both Freddy and I are engineers and we have taken more math that we care to admit and it just seems fitting for our family!

Ho Ho Ho Towel

Ho3 Kitchen Towel

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Disclosure:  Silhouette sent me the heat transfer to use however all thoughts and opinions and text are all my own!  You know I love my Silhouette like a bee likes honey!  *wink* 


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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Too cute. Another for next year. Thanks to you, I’ll probably have to start next Christmas in January! and I don’t have a problem with that!

    Thanks, again, for everything you bring to my email!!

  2. Okay, I know there are no really original ideas out there any more, but I hadn’t seen Ho3 and was planning to make a cute pillow to honor my physicist hubby. Oh, well; it was orignal to me!

  3. Cheryl, I saw this on Pinterest and just had to stop by and tell you that this is so super cute! Thanks for sharing this! -Cindy

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