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Hand Stamped Jewelry + Giveaway!!

I love, love, love hand stamped jewelry.  It’s personal and what is more special than receiving a gift that is designed especially for you?  Here’s how I made my own versions!

Hand Stamped Jewelry

25 Days of Christmas Banner day 18

Items Needed:

  • Metal Dapping Stamp Set
  • Hammer
  • Metal stamping blanks or washers
  • permanent marker
  • necklace, bracelet,  chain, or key ring
  • Magic Eraser

The technique is the same for all the different blanks I used.

Start off by stamping your letters. Use steady, heavy hits with your hammer on the letter stamps on a solid, hard surface. Once stamped out, fill in with permanent marker. Wipe off surface with magic eraser to get rid of the mess outside of the indentations.  Attach to your preferred piece of jewelry or keychain.

Washer Rings

This one is special to me because I am a chemical engineer and spent many years in a production facility.  Using regular old washers reminds me a bit of those years wearing steel-toed boots and I also told you I love using things for a purposes different from which they are meant to be used for!

Hand Stamped Jewelry

I stamped out names and the used this black Natural Twine to make them into necklaces.  You can also use this to make bracelets also!

Hand Stamped Jewelry

You can also use a piece of ribbon to do the same!

Hand Stamped Jewelry


Add your washer to a key ring!  A great idea for non-jewelry people!

Metal Blanks

I found these blanks at Hobby Lobby.  These can be used with jump rings and placed on necklaces, or bracelets!

Hand Stamped Jewelry

You can use these for things other than jewelry also.  Attach the washers to small ball chains and use to add names to your child’s lunchbox.  Make them as gift tags for Christmas gifts that they can wear later.  Add a magnet to the back and use them to display artwork on your refrigerator.

Now onto the Giveaway! 

Want to win one?  I will choose 1 lucky reader to win one of the above, reader’s choice and will make it for you and mail it to you free of charge!  Happy Holidays to you, from me!  I have all 26 letters of the alphabet (upper case plain font pictured above) as well as the ampersand sign and numbers.  I can do names or a name and date or initial for you!

Want to win? Here’s all you need to do:

1. Leave me a comment telling me if you still have Christmas shopping to do or if you are 100% finished!  (I am officially jealous of all of you who are finished!)

Leave a separate comment for each additional entry.  These are completely optional.

2. Follow me officially via email subscription (in my sidebar) or through an RSS reader.

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Giveaway ends Wednesday December 21 , 2011 at 11:59 p.m. CST, one winner will be chosen at random, US  only. Value of giveaway is less than $10.   By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

Good Luck!

Don’t forget to link up your holiday projects at my Holiday Happenings Link Party!


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39 Responses to Hand Stamped Jewelry + Giveaway!!

  1. Dear Che,

    Are you kidding?!!??!! Me?? Done?? HA, HA, HA,….. I’ve been too buzy reading blogs.
    Here’s a question for you – If you could stop time at any point in your life, for whatever reason, when would it be and why. For example, my daughter is sixteen and if I could, I would go back to when she was two and stay there for, oh, thirty or forty years. That time went way too fast for me and I miss it so; yes even the diapers (no, I’m not mental – only my Mother thinks so, but no one else.)

    Love the blog and where are my adoption papers?


  2. A chemical engineer??? In steel-toed boots?? Girl, you are amazing! You must be so much fun to KNOW…like face to face friends! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to ‘know’ you through your blog! Sheesh. Steel toed boots…and this from the sweet little tongue-sticking-out bride. Who’d a thunk?

  3. Nope, not me. I still have to get my oldest son his gift. What DO you get an 18 year old away at school, who is currently majoring in SARCASM and apparently taking a class called, “MY MOTHER, SHE IS NO LONGER COOL AND A SOURCE OF MY AGGRAVATION.”
    We have a few teacher’s gifts to get as well, and my little guys bus driver’s. What you REALLY need to ask me is on a scale from 1 to 10, how ready are you for cooking for the in-laws at Christmas? (They talk about me anyway!) On a scale from 1 to 10, what’s your stress level? My answer, HELLO MERLOT, HELLO MR. KENDALL JACKSON AND MY NEW BEST BUDDY, MR. GREY GOOSE…

  4. I as so NOT done Christmas shopping. I have two wrapped presents under the tree and a few hidden away. I really need to get on the ball!

  5. You know what I love about your instructions? You make it sound so darn easy. No, I am not done with my shopping. I have no clue if I am even close and I’m not even worrying about it. Something must be wrong with me :o)

  6. No way! I came here thinking these were for sale and didn’t know you could make them-so cute! I assume you can buy the stamping kits at craft stores? I will check it out-pinning this idea-thanks for sharing!

  7. I have finished the shopping, but I am still knitting a favorite aunt a pair of fingerless mitts. Hope to finish tomorrow! Merry Christmas.

  8. I love your washers! I bought a metal stamping set but think I need to practice. I don’t know how you get the letters all even! I am visiting from Flamingo Toes. Blessings!

  9. I love your idea for stamping the washers! I use metal washers as fabric weights and now I’m thinking how cute it would be to stamp them! I wore steel-toed shoes when I works sales at a steel company and had to visit the shop floor to inspect a roll of steel. Sure wish I’d have kept those babies! There are some home projects we’ve tackled where they would have come in quite handy!

  10. I’ve always loved this idea … I can’t seem to get it to work though. I have the “stamp” set but it wasn’t indenting on my washer … Did you use regular ‘ol washers from the hardware store?

    • Haley, Yes I just used regular old washers at Lowe’s. It’s important that the surface you are stamping against is rock solid. So try moving from a table or bench to the concrete. Put a piece of thin cardboard down (like a cereal box) so you don’t scratch the back all up and try that. Make heavy even swings with your hammer! Good luck!

  11. Unfortunately… I still have the most difficult part… finding the stocking stuffer items. Don’t know why I find this the most difficult, but I do…

  12. Wht a fun giveaway. I am finished shopping,but don’t be envious we keep it really simple. My total time shopping was only a couple hours. I think I drove more than shopped.

  13. I wish I were finished. But, sadly, no. I have a dilemma that I am quickly working through my brain. My hubby and I are leaving for the holidays to attend the University graduation of one of our children. Two of our boys will be home working; thus, we’ll be apart for Christmas. My idea is to leave a treasure trove of little daily gifts for them leading up to Christmas. I will text them daily with the clue of where to find the next gift. They don’t know I’m planning this and I’m really excited! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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