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How My Life Was Changed by a Tiny Brown Bottle

Friends can we just chat a minute?  Oils have changed my life.  Seriously.  I’m somewhat sad that it has taken me this long to try them.  I was skeptical.  VERY skeptical.  I am an engineer.  Oils were not for me.  Science was for me…until I actually did a bit of research and realized science was integrated into oils.  That certainly was not the only thing that sold me. I tried them.  I pushed past my pre-misconceptions and I tried them with an open mind.   Mind blown.  Period.  This is my story on  how my life was changed by a tiny brown bottle.

*There are very strict rules from the FDA about what specific words I can and cannot use when I share how oils have changed my life with you.  So bear with me as we play charades during this blog post.

Michael is a very emotional small person.  When he was younger, he couldn’t always express how he was feeling and he threw epic meltdowns over seemingly insignificant things or minor, routine events.  He is a lot of work for me.  Freddy traveled, sometimes months on end only coming home for a day and a half to do laundry, re-pack, mow the lawn and hop back on a plane to leave for another month or more.  This also was hard on Michael.

Using Essential Oils to treat behavior problems

I needed help.  I had tried everything.  I was out of options to try and felt defeated and a failure as a mom.  My girlfriend said “Let me send you some of this oil I have”.  You would think that at this stage of my exhaustion and frustrations she could have told me she was sending me liquid fairy wings or unicorn poop and I would have gladly taken it without hesitation believing in all the magic they held.  But then again, this is me we are talking about…the skeptic.  I agreed anyway to her oil offer, thinking I would just take them to humor her.  Seriously.  I laugh at myself now!

So this oil came in a package of all sorts of goodies…which also included chocolate.  I was pregnant otherwise I am sure she would have included wine as well!  I took out this small brown bottle of oil and put it on top of my refrigerator and there it sat.  Looking at me everyday.

A few days later Michael started to lean towards a melt down.  I felt as if that little brown bottle was SCREAMING at me.  I figured “It can’t hurt!” and I simply placed a drop on my finger and I dabbed it on behind his ears.

Guys.  We were able to work together to pull him out of the massive funk he was headed towards.

This is enormous friends.  Once a left turn was made it was a landslide after that which resulted in hours of screaming and tantrums.  Not only did we avoid the landslide but we were able to WORK TOGETHER.  Normally once the left turn was made by him he had shut down all logic in his brain and I had to let it run it’s course.

I THOUGHT IT WAS THE PLACEBO EFFECT!   Gawd-honest!  I wasn’t even sold after witnessing it with my own eyes.  I told you…you can just call me SKEPTIC CHERYL!

It happened again the next day.  I repeated.  I placed a drop behind his ears and this time and 1 drop on his wrists as well.  HE TURNED IT AROUND AGAIN.  About 10 minutes later, he told me he felt better.  He told me in a logical manner that he was tired and he missed his Daddy and he was mad that Ryan had used his yellow marker with a green marker and had the tip of the yellow all covered in green.  (he may or may not get his marker OCD from me!)

Uses for Essential Oils

I think I called her crying.  She was all thinking someone had died or had a limb chopped of from my sobbing!  Through sobs she partially made out that I was so happy that the oil she sent me had worked and I loved her so much..or something along those lines.

I am a skeptic turned believer.

We now use oils to maintain and help with his emotions and behavior.  He asks for them when he is feeling off.  He is in more of control over his feelings and can deal with them more appropriately.  He is only 8.  This is huge.  He does not need to be on medications.  He does not need to be hazy and foggy.  He can be HIMSELF but only his BEST version!

How Oils can Work for you

I have expanded my love for oils.  Every person and pet in my home uses them now, daily.  I have some excellent resources and guides that I refer to daily to help me decide which oils to use and how to apply them.  I don’t head to my medicine cabinet anymore, I head to my oil basket!  I am helping my family naturally.  I am loving it and so are they.  We are feeling better.  We are breathing better during high pollen counts.  We are managing throbbing heads naturally and we are loving. every. minute.

The big boys ask me now for their “sleepy oil”  A swipe on the bottoms of their feet before bed help them calm down to fall asleep so that they don’t get each other in trouble.  (You all remember sharing a room right.  One person makes a noise, the other has to top that and so on and so on.  And I have boys so those noises usually include farts and burps!  Waking a sleeping baby in the room next door making fart or burp noises and laughing boisterously is NOT what a happy mommy likes and they get privileges taken away when this happens)  They love their oils!

There are so many amazing uses for oils that I could talk all day!  This friends, is how this skeptic was turned a believer and how I will never go back.  All I had to do was TRY THEM! (and have an open mind!)

If you are interested in trying oils, you can read more about the awesome, better-than-wholesale-pricing kit + Freebies I am offering here and PLEASE feel free to email me, message me on Facebook, reach out any way you need to if you have any questions.  I’d love to answer them for you!

skeptics on essential oils

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  1. Cheryl, you had me laughing and nodding my head in agreement all through this post! I have a son who is exactly as you describe yours to be. I was also a skeptical about oils- but THEY HELP! Just tonight he had an epic meltdown and I put him in his room with a certain oil in the diffuser. Meltdown was put to a rest. Amazing. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Please tell me this works on animals. I have A great little toy poodle. He is so hyper!! I would like to take him with me sometimes, but he acts up so I cant very often. He jumps and bounces and nips at my clothing. I have tried most everything. help ! Anne.

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