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DIY Monogram Doormat

Make a customized doormat with only a few supplies for a fraction of the cost of the ones at the big box stores!  Best part about this is your DIY Monogram Doormat can  look any way your heart desires! Here is how this played out in my house! “Aren’t people just going to wipe their… Continue Reading

Just a Bunch of Words…

Amidst the Washi Tape craze that is going on here, other stuff is happening also. It’s good to be back in St. Louis.  If you follow hockey, you then know that the Blues are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  If you follow baseball, then you know that today was the Cardinals home opener.  It rained… Continue Reading

A Moving Update & A Mustache Mug!

Hi Friends!!!  I miss you!!! We are getting settled in and finding a spot for all our crap, well most of it anyway!  When not unpacking, we have also been LOVING spending time with family.  We have never lived in the same city as family so this is really awesome for us!  The boys are… Continue Reading

Moving Sucks

Yep, as the title of this post suggests…moving sucks!  Hmm…where to begin? 1.  Ryan decided to get hand, foot and mouth disease and be MISERABLE for about 5 days prior to the move.  It was super awesome. He couldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep because he was hungry.  Score!  I started out…TIRED! 2.  Utilizing the awesome… Continue Reading

We packed up the family and took a small road-trip to St. Louis this weekend to look for houses!  Mission Accomplished!  Whew! We looked twice before over Christmas, but on Saturday we looked at 11 houses.  Yes, ELEVEN!  There was one house who’s layout was PERFECT!  4 good sized bedrooms, HUGE family room, awesome staircase… Continue Reading

Today is our three year wedding anniversary!  I had so much fun on our wedding day.  Best party I ever threw!  I wish we could get married again each year…but without paying for it again!  Oh to party like that again would be wonderful!  Did I ever tell you that I did a rope swing at… Continue Reading

It has become a tradition to go Apple Picking at Eckert’s Orchards with my parents each year.  I have pictures of Michael and my dad in poses similar to the ones below for each year.  These pictures have also become tradition!  Last year Ryan slept the whole time.  This year he munched on an apple… Continue Reading

Happy First Birthday to my sweet baby boy!   For Ryan’s First Birthday I decided to go with a “Teddy Bear Picnic” theme.  We decided to have his party in St. Louis at my parents house on  his actual first birthday.  It worked out really nicely because my whole family still lives in St. Louis.  Here’s a recap of his… Continue Reading

I packed up Michael & Ryan and we headed to St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s graduation from college.  I really, really needed to interact with some adults and it would be nice to see my family so the trip alone with the boys seemed logical in my head.  Leaving Freddy and the dogs… Continue Reading

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