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Washi Tape Photo Mats

Give boring photo mats some fun and life with washi tape!  Washi tape photo mats may just be my new crush! There are a ton of new faces here on the blog these days and I couldn’t be more excited about that!  Thank you all for being here.  If you are new…you may not knowContinue Reading

DIY Sunburst Mirror–From a Candle Holder!

That’s right, I made a sunburst mirror from a candle holder!  I am in as much love with this little mirror as I am with my DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from plastic spoons!  Isn’t she pretty? Let me share how this story unfolds.  I am at Hobby Lobby.  I come across this guy right here: ButContinue Reading

DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from Plastic Spoons

This project was so much fun!  I really needed a clock in my living room but didn’t want to just buy any a clock and put it up.  My living room also needed some color!  Enter this beauty, a Chrysanthemum clock from plastic spoons! My inspiration came from Addicted to Decorating’s Chrysanthemum Ombre Mirror!  YouContinue Reading

Nest Egg Pendant Necklace + Giveaway!!

Create your own personalized birds nest necklace to keep your nest eggs close to your heart! Nest Egg is a funny combination of words!  Anyway, want to make one?  One of these beauties?  It’s super easy and can be personalized for your exact number of “eggs”!  This would be a great gift for that wonderfulContinue Reading

I am nuts about the flower applique shirts that are out there.  I am not nuts about the price.  $50 for a T-SHIRT???  Unless that thing cooks dinner for me and takes me to a movie, I can find better things to do with $50.  Especially because the odds are high that this said shirt willContinue Reading

I can’t take credit for this idea.  I saw it on Pinterest!   If you haven’t realized my love for Pinterest yet…let me tell you, I LOVE PINTEREST!  You can follow me and all my pins here or you can click on the “P beaker = {Follow Me on Pinterest}” button in my sidebar (more on those funContinue Reading

I simply adore the wall vinyl that reads “Let Him Sleep, For When He Wakes, He Will Move Mountains”  However we are renting so I don’t want to purchase one, only to have to throw it away later on.  Most say they are repositionable but not reusable, and some say may cause damage to texturedContinue Reading

So, I have yet to decorate a nursery. That’s right, TWO babies down and ZERO nursery designs under my belt. When Michael was born we had a 3 bedroom house in Illinois, and just set up shop in one of the bedrooms. The one we used as an office to be exact and the only baby relatedContinue Reading

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