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I do realize that I may be posting this project a wee bit late but since it is revolving, it really doesn’t matter when you start it!  With the colds we caught from the Holidays and then the recent passing of one of our family dogs, I am just moving a bit slow! I’d loveContinue Reading

“Cookies For Santa” Plate & Glass

Today I am sharing this simple Cookies for Santa Plate & Glass that I whipped up in a matter of minutes due to a small little confrontation by the oldest small person.  Please read below! So I have to start out with a little story.  Freddy likes sweets.  Like as in, I make a batchContinue Reading

Guess what???  I am now accepting sponsors/advertising space on my blog!  I advertised my blog on Key Lime Digital Designs as well as Lines Across My Face and I have noticed increased traffic from those sites!  I want to spread the love.  My blog grows each day so why not grow together with your blog/business/shop??? Continue Reading

It has become a tradition to go Apple Picking at Eckert’s Orchards with my parents each year.  I have pictures of Michael and my dad in poses similar to the ones below for each year.  These pictures have also become tradition!  Last year Ryan slept the whole time.  This year he munched on an appleContinue Reading

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