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Safety Tips for Severe Weather

I had this whole big paragraph written explaining why I think it’s important to be prepared for severe weather (with bullet points at that!) and then I just decided that this following sentence would pretty much get my point across and I decided to erased my original paragraph: I lived in Joplin, MO when theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Fun Newborn Onesie

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope you are having a fabulous week so far!   I am kind of almost giddy to share this project with you today!  I heart it.  I heart it with cherries on top!  Let me introduce you to this super cute, funny stenciled onesie! My BFF {RG} is having a baby inContinue Reading

Just a Bunch of Words…

Amidst the Washi Tape craze that is going on here, other stuff is happening also. It’s good to be back in St. Louis.  If you follow hockey, you then know that the Blues are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  If you follow baseball, then you know that today was the Cardinals home opener.  It rainedContinue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending LOVE from my family to YOURS!

Do you remember where you were 1o years ago today?  I do. I was in my third year of college.  I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard my phone ringing.  I let it go to my machine.  It rang again and went to the machine and then rang again.  I was annoyed! Continue Reading

Tuesday was Michael’s first day of Pre-K. For all of you reading who do not have children, or for all of you reading whose children are grown, Pre-K is not to be confused with Preschool.  Pre-K is like SO. MUCH. COOLER.  Pre-K is like 4 year olds you know…not those little 3 year olds in preschool.  Pre-KContinue Reading

At first I was going to make this post about more of the devastation around Joplin.  After driving through what I would refer to as “ground zero”, I feel that unless you actually see it for yourself, in person, no photo will ever show you the true devastation.  Imagine driving down a main road inContinue Reading

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  I know we certainly did!  My parents and sister came down from St. Louis this weekend.   It was the first time down for my mom and sister so their first trip might be etched in their brains forever as I took them on a ride through theContinue Reading

Okay Mother Nature, you can quit being such a bitch to us! Seriously. This poor town can barely take any more! Sunday evening while the boys and I enjoyed a nice dinner with Freddy’s oldest daughter, Nicole, and her girlfriend, Marie, a few miles away a tornado was about to rip the head off ofContinue Reading

I hate Wal-mart!  What I hate even more is the fact that I have to go there every week!  Target doesn’t carry our brand of dog food and let’s just face it…shampoo, razors, napkins, TP and paper towels are just cheaper there!  I still hate it in all it’s ghetto-hillbilly-trashiness glory!  I was actually beginning to accept Wal-MartContinue Reading

Michael had his first Tee-Ball game last night and OH MY GAWD…I DIDN’T HAVE THE SD CARD IN THE CAMERA! What in the hell was I thinking? Get your shit together MOM! So I improvised and took a few pictures with my not-so-stellar camera on my BlackBerry. Those pictures will do for now, until next game,Continue Reading

I was finally able to find all the boxes with our family photos in them.  I am only missing one, that I can remember, of our whole wedding party.  The search team is still out on that one, but in the meantime I realized I did not have enough shelf space to fit all theContinue Reading

My family recently moved from the Arctic Tundra that is Minnesota, to what we Northerners refer to as “The South”.  Not really the actual south , but from what we were coming from, the name suits just fine.  We moved to Joplin, MO.  That’s south, right? My husband is also a Chemical Engineer (gah, IContinue Reading

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