OK so Ryan is talking up a storm which is great and all.  The thing is…he seems to like to replace the “M” sound with a “B” sound…

Milk = Bilk (not to be confused in the car for BOOK which he will then shoot you the look from hell and throw the book across the seat until you realize he meant MILK…true story)

Cows say “Boo!” instead of MOO

Momma = Bobba

Which leads us to Mommy = Bobby.  I now answer to Bobby.

Michael has stared calling me Bobba and so has Freddy…it’s. just. wonderful.  Let me tell you!

At least I don’t have it as bad as our dog.  Murphy (who we commonly call Murph) = Burph.  It’s like a cross between a burp and a barf.  So I guess I should be happy with Bobby and Bobba!

Although he says Mickey Mouse as Dee-Dee???   I guess for Mic-key (dee-dee).   I have no idea what’s going on in that kids’ head!

But I now answer to Bobby.

Hiding in the Cabinet
Mom cleaned out these cabinets and I fit perfectly!


And That’s What Che Said…