Well last time in “Welcome to the Family” I introduced you to everyone living in my house.  Well now it’s time to introduce you to my clan whom are not living with me.  Freddy has two older daughters, from his earlier days.  If you happened to read my “About” page, you will recall that I compare my life to the show Modern Family.   So in addition to a husband who is 18 years older than me, I have two step-daughters that are 13 months and 4 years younger than me.  One daughter’s girlfriend is actually 15 months OLDER than me!  Yep!  They are MY AGE!  But don’t you worry your pretty/handsome little head…we have some fun with it!

Meet Nicole.  Kevin’s oldest daughter.  Turns out, she happens to be one of my best friends!  I know right?!  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I honestly can tell her anything.  There is only ONE thing on this great big planet that she and I do NOT talk about and that is…well…her DAD is my husband…so we don’t talk about anything related to the lovin’.  A.  Gross, for her, it’s her DAD and B. Gross, for me, it’s her DAD!   Otherwise I can and do, tell her just about anything!  Michael and Ryan just adore her!

Meet Marie.  Nicole’s girlfriend.  We love her, even though she is a CUBS fan (BLAH!) She can make some mean play-doh cars for Michael.  You will never find her with a green shirt on and blue eyeshadow!  She color coordinates and has more eyeshadow than Cover Girl.  She will redo her makeup if she changes shirts…cracks me up!

Meet Ann.  Kevin’s youngest daughter.  I send her a steady supply of Tide Spot Sticks as she is quite the “spiller”.  She appreciates it, as I often get a text every few weeks telling me that stick saved her again!  Glad to be of help!  Here she is with Ryan when he was only 1 month old!

Nicole and I get a big kick out of our age difference…or lack there of.  We were together shopping and while at the check out Nicole was digging through her purse for some gum.  The store clerk said, “Are you two sisters?”  Without even looking up from her gum search, she says all nonchalantly and casual, “No, she is my step-mom.  She married my dad” not even giving the clerk a glance or any indication that Nicole herself should find this weird.  I on the other hand was soaking in the pure SHOCK on the clerks face!  The clerk looked at me then and I just pointed to myself and said “Evil Step Mother”.  Love it!  We play it up quite often.  We enjoy the fun!  I mean you have to when your baby brother is 27 years younger than you!

And here is a cute picture of all “My” kids at Christmas this year.  We live in 3 different states between us all and July in Colorado (family picture above) and this picture from Christmas are the only times, I believe, we have all been together at the same time!  Kind of crazy too!