We packed up the family and took a small road-trip to St. Louis this weekend to look for houses!  Mission Accomplished!  Whew!

We looked twice before over Christmas, but on Saturday we looked at 11 houses.  Yes, ELEVEN!  There was one house who’s layout was PERFECT!  4 good sized bedrooms, HUGE family room, awesome staircase and entry way, nice sized kitchen….BUT…yes here is the but…it backed right up to active railroad tracks.  Like, you could spit on the the tracks close!  AND…yes there is an and here also…they had MAJOR power lines overhead with the giant poles right in the front yard.  Oh, IN ADDITION…yes there is an in addition as well, it was foreclosed on so needed work.  Too bad, so sad!

We looked at many foreclosed homes.  It just makes me wonder what people are thinking when a NICE house ends up like the ones we walked through?!?  Apparently pride in ownership is not a trait everyone possesses.  These places were gross.  Maybe they let it go to crap once they knew they were losing it?  Who knows but there was  a lot of crap that day!

We did find two that we liked.  We viewed those two again on Sunday.  A 4 bedroom two story with and updated kitchen and a 3 bedroom ranch with a finished basement.  (insert the voice from the  lady on House Hunters!)  Which did we choose???   The 3 bedroom ranch with the finished basement.

As much as I would have LOVED to have 4 bedrooms, the PRICE was amazing on the ranch and it was QUALITY!  The previous owners had lived there 26 years and they certainly had Pride in Ownership!  It is move in ready!  Nice floors, nice bathrooms and nice landscaping.  The main rooms are perfect, the downstairs has a border all around it that will have to go but I am certainly looking forward to making it ours.  I can finally decorate the boys’ rooms!  There is an office area in the basement for Freddy and even a FEW craft room/nook options for me!  {{SQUEEEEEE!!!!!}}  I am excited!  I can’t wait to bring you all along on our new house ride!!!

So keep us in your thoughts that everything will go good with the inspection.  I have no doubts but then again this is ME we are talking about and I did name my dog MURPHY because Murphy’s Law has set up camp in my life!  But no sense worrying about things I cannot control!

On a side note:  MY CAMEO ARRIVED ON MY DOOR STEP TODAY!!!!!!!!!   OHHHHH Baby…get ready!



With the talks of having my own craft space AND getting this in the mail, I want to share the crafting feeling!  Look forward to an awesome crafty giveaway on Wednesday of this week!  I am REALLY excited for the person who wins!!!

And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…