Today we are boarding a plane (with 2 small children) to fly to Arizona (with 2 small children) to see my parents-in-love, sister/brother-in love and their kids and their kids (with 2 small children).  One of our nieces & nephews just had a BABY GIRL earlier this month and I am dying to get my hands on her (with 2 small children in tow).

I ask a favor of you all.  Please say a prayer that our travels go smoothly (with 2 small children)!!!  I would super, duper appreciate it.  I have travelled with one.  I have travelled with one alone.  I have travelled with one alone while pregnant but I have NEVER travelled (flown) with TWO + a husband who gets stressed traveling!  Please Lord be with me on this day!

If I come back next week and only talk about 1 of the 2 said small children, it’s probably because we left one somewhere…on purpose.  Oh, I guess I wouldn’t leave one anywhere…well not for long anyway.  The big one knows his address…he’d most likely be the one to be returned and the minute someone discovers how much the younger one drools…he will likely be returned also.   They put chips in kids these days, don’t they?

Anyway…in return for your prayers, positive thoughts and the liquor you will send me (one can wish) I will treat you to cute pictures of 2 small children.  Hopefully both of which will be on the return flight with us!

His Million Dollar Smile!
His Million Dollar Camera Smile, yep he still does that!
Enjoying one last time on the swingset before Dad took it down to move!
"Well Crap...How do I get myself out of this pickle?" Just FYI...I have the EXACT SAME picture of Michael doing this at the EXACT SAME age!

And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…