Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  The other day, I started to realize the things that I say 8,643,710 times a day and started to make a list in my mind.  Well…you know how that goes…now you all get to read about them!

Things I say 8,643,710 times a day to my kids

  • That does not belong in your mouth.
  • Take that out of your mouth*
  • Hands are not for hitting
  • Please put on your listening ears
  • HEY YOU TWO!!!!!
  • Leave Murphy (our dog) alone!
  • We only color on PAPER!
  • Markers do not belong in our mouths
  • Play-doh does no belong in our mouths
  • We eat ketchup ON our hot dog…not as it’s own dish
  • Get that out of your mouth
  • Be nice to your brother
  • Get down from there
  • We do not jump on the couch, it is NOT a jungle gym
  • Careful!
  • Gentle!
  • Stop & listen to me
  • Can you just be quiet for 2 minutes?!?!?
  • Can you see I am doing something right now?
  • Patience!
  • Do not feed Murphy!
  • Thank You, that was kind!
  • I love you!
  • I love you too baby!
  • You are so cute! 
  • I love snuggling with you!
  • Alright!  Let’s have some fun!
  • Great listening ears! 
  • I appreciate you giving that to your brother
  • Your choice just made me {Insert over the top cheezy Happy Smile} = Happy!
  • Let’s go Sweet Boys!
  • I had a great day with you! 
  • Your brother loves you also!
  • Hi Baby!
  • Let’s snuggle up and read some books!
  • You are a very good brother!


What things do you say 8,643,710 times a day in your house?!?  I am  curious to see the similarities and differences!    I hope your weekends were fabulous!  Be sure to check back this week for an awesome giveaway that you make you tell me to “Cut it Out!”  (psst…that was your hint!)  :)

And That’s What Che Said…


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