I felt like sharing some of the things that I LOVED this month.  Maybe you would love them also! 

Little Tykes Spiralin’ Sea Water Table

Little Tykes Spiralin Seas Waterpark

With the temperatures mimicking that of hell here, this table has been my saving grace this month.  The kids are stir crazy and need to get outside and OUT of the house but it has just been too plain hot!  I can set this up in the shade and both Michael (4) and Ryan (1)  LOVE it!  They have a blast!  Thanks to my parents for giving this to Ryan for one of his first birthday gifts!  It is easy to drain, easy to fill, Ryan can do all the activities on it with ease and the legs pop off easily for storage! 

My Fit Flops! 


Yep, these exact ones here.  I bought these 2 years ago for my birthday and have NEVER worn another pair of flip flops again.  They are all they are cracked up to be and honestly allow me to chase around 2 boys at the park, through the mall or around my ALL TILED FLOOR house.  That hard floor does a number on my lower back and these save the day! 



We are an equal opportunity popsicle family.  We don’t only choose the cool kids.  We devour any and all types of popsicles.  These happen to be Michael’s favorite at the moment as he had them at my parent’s house and now since Grandpa had them they are ‘da bomb!  (See what I did there?)  Anything frozen at this point is in good standing with us!  We prefer Hawaiian Shaved Ice but we have to drive over to Kansas for one of those so these are the winners right now! 

Dust Buster


Oh dear dustbuster.  How I love thee.  There is no way I could complete my day without you!  Wether it’s Ryan’s breakfast, lunch or dinner he has thrown on the floor or Michael’s 1,876,532 microscopic pieces of Moon Dough, you always save the day.  I actually held up the baby tonight and let Michael dust bust Ryan’s bottom!  Ryan dumped Goldfish crackers and proceeded to plop right down on them.  If you haven’t seen Ryan in a while let me remind you he is tipping the charts in the 90% for both weight and height so those goldfish crackers had no chance!  (I was sure to reiterate to Michael that the ONLY time he can dust bust his brother is when Mommy ASKS him to and is supervising)  I had to make that disclaimer because Michael is 2 steps ahead of the game at all times.

My Keurig coffee maker and those Glorious K-Cups

Oh wonderful caffeinated goodness.  Why is it that kids have the ability to wake up and hit the ground running?  They are all “Mom, we were awake at 6:02 am and now we are ready to play on the playground because it is 6:03 am”?  If it weren’t for you I might actually shoosh them out the door and let them play in traffic until I reached full consciousness.  What can I say but “You complete me!”  Oh and “You had me at hello”  *This guy right here might just be a standard contender on my monthly favorites lists*

What have been your favorites this month?  Anything in particular been your lifesaver?

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