In honor of Spangenbaby turning ONE, I thought I would share his birth story.  So many of you have followed along with us throughout my pregnancy and then after he was born and his whole first year and you feel like family!  Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and emails and messages throughout this journey!  We love you!



My due date was July 19th.  I said from the beginning that July 7th was our day.  We had an agreement, he and I, that the 7th would be his birthday!  What a great day, right?  7-7-14.  He was my 7th pregnancy, my lucky baby.  Everyone thought I was full blown cray-cray.


Normal day.  I felt normal, I ate normal.  I spent 6 hours at the pool with the big boys.  Spangenbaby liked it when I was in the water.  I slept well that night.  Nothing to report here, people…keep moving along!

2014-07-05 15.03.19


I was 38 weeks, 2 days.  I had my 38 week appointment at 10:30 that morning.

I woke up at about 6:30 with some contractions.  For the past few days I have had some Braxton Hicks in the mornings when my bladder was full.  Once I peed, they went away.  This morning they were a bit more intense.  They were there with a purpose this morning versus just window shopping as they had in days past.  I knew it was the day.

I got up and peed and they stopped.  Hmm…I guess today was not the day!

I walked out into the kitchen.  My big boys had already woken and were finding a cartoon to watch in the adjoining living room and I said to them “Do you guys want some cinnamon rolls for breakfast?”

Then the splat happened.  “OH CRAP!” I said.  Michael came out and looked at me and said “Mom, did you just pee your pants?”   Nope, didn’t pee my pants but my water sure did just break on my kitchen floor!  (at the time I distinctly remember being thankful I was on the tile and not the living room rug, lol!) I guess today WAS the day!  :)

Fred was just about getting to work and I called him, told him to turn around because we had to go to the hospital.  He got some guys started on some jobs had had going and then made his way home.  I called the on call doctor and he said to come in right away!  The good listener I am, I finished making cinnamon rolls for my kids, I called my parents, found someone to take the big boys for the day, canceled my sitter for my Dr. appointment, called the office to cancel my appointment  and finished packing my hospital bag.  I mean, I needed Fred to be home anyway!  I also did the dishes and picked up a bit around the house.

Site Note:  My water broke with Ryan as well on the day of my 38 week appointment with absolutely no signs of contractions or anything.  He was breech though so when it broke it GUSHED non stop.  With Spangenbaby, since he was head down, it broke and gushed once and then it just kind of slowly leaked.  That’s why I was able to be moving around so much and being productive.

Fred got home, my dad came over to pick up the boys and take them to our friends house for the day.  We made our way to the hospital.  Here is my last picture pregnant!  I am standing in my triage room!


We checked in and they had to “confirm” my water did indeed break in maternity triage.  This wasn’t my first rodeo…I knew it broke!

They also did an ultrasound to confirm baby was head down, a step that WAS NOT taken with Ryan and I dilated and labored to a 10 before they figured that one out!  So I was thankful for the confirmation.

My plan was a VBAC.  The only reason I had a C-Section with Ryan was because he was breech and my office refused to turn babies after week 37.  Since I labored and dilated and effaced like a champion and the only reason was a difficult child, my plan for this baby was a VBAC.  My nurse was pure awesomeness and she got me all hooked up to monitors and comfortable and hooked up to some Pitocin.  We chilled and watched some TV.

As I was progressing, small dude’s heart rate would drop off during contractions.  I was at a 5 and they decided to stop Pitocin and put me on oxygen and we would not continue until his heart rate would stay stable during contractions.  My contractions where all over the place without the Pitocin.  I think I was on oxygen for about an hour or so and we decided to start back up.

I had to start over with the Pitocin dosage.

Contractions returned regularly and strong.  I was now at a 6 and pretty uncomfortable.  My husband said, “I think you just need to get an epidural now, it’s been long enough!”  I thought it was an okay idea as well and I got my epidural.  It didn’t take very well because about half hour after it I could feel everything again.  I got a re-dose of the happy drugs!

I got another re-dose about an hour after that.

I was still at a 6.  Baby’s heart rate was beginning to drop again during contractions.  The nurse called the doctor and he spoke to me on the phone pretty much telling me that I was going to need another C-Section again…

I felt deflated…I guess getting to experience a vaginal birth was not in the cards for me.  Even though I *Knew* it was deep down :(

To Be Continued...

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