This is a sponsored post on behalf of DecoArt, Inc., Social Artworking.  All opinions are 100% my own.  It was a pleasure hosting this party and I am so excited to be partnering with DecoArt for this awesome experience! I would do it again and again! 


I had the best time the other night!  Do you want to know what I did?  No really…you WANT to know!  I had some friends over and we had a painting party!  No, no we didn’t paint a room in my house, {although that would have been nice!} we painted canvas art through a new program from DecoArt called Social Artworking!


We had such a great time and look what we created!!  Can you believe we painted that!?


Explore your inner Artist with Social Networking

I bet a few of you are thinking, “I’m not that artsy…I probably could not do that!”  Well, this would be a good time for me to tell you that you are wrong.  I normally don’t like to tell you, my fantastically awesome friends that you are wrong, but indeed you are wrong in this case!  This program is for everyone.  It’s sort of like paint by numbers but in grown up fashion.  There aren’t numbers but there are steps.  They are so easy to follow everyone at my party was able to easily create a masterpiece.   My friends ranged from one I had to lure over assuring her she could to do it to an art teacher.  We all had a great time.

Social Artworking Painting Party Fun

It was great to just sit and chat and eat and drink and just be together while we each created a masterpiece that was our own.  Did I mention there was lots of laughing?  Yes lots of fun and LOTS of laughing!

Social Artworking Party Fun Laughing

They have so many designs to choose from, but I chose “Going Dutch” because the tulips reminded me of my SB girls that I got to meet in real life at SNAP conference.  I am going to hang my canvas in my craft room!  It will just remind me of them and our fun time at SNAP!

Social Artworking Party Painting

Social Artworking Almost Finished Canvas

Everything you need to host your own Social Artworking party comes with the package!  Each of my friends got their own Easel and Canvas, Paint Brush set, and Apron.  There where enough water troughs and design templates to share!  Plenty of paint to make your masterpiece, a roll of tape, Disposable pallet sheets and detailed instructions!  I would do this again and again!  All you need to provide is friends and maybe a few drinks!

Social Artworking Party at
 I am in love with our finished project!  I can’t wait to hang it in my craft room!  I would also love to try the Whimsical Tree and Proud as a Peacock!

Social Artworking Finished Project Going Dutch at


Need help selecting the products you need to host your own Social Artworking party? Use Social Artworking’s Personal Shopper tool to help you fill your cart. Just choose your design and enter the number of guests to get started. It’s simple!



If you want to follow Social Artworking to find out when new designs come out or about any of their awesome products, you can find them here:


If you are looking for a reason to get together with your friends, I highly recommend this!  I think that we all were pretty impressed with ourselves and our finished projects.  I bet most of my friends did not think they could make something that awesome when they showed up at my house!  (well maybe not my brother’s girlfriend did, she is an art teacher!)  But the rest of us didn’t {wink}

Happy Painting!!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Social Artworking.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Feel free to read my full disclosure here.