Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  We did a lot of de-cluttering and organizing in the Spangenberg house this past weekend!  It feels so good to take boxes of things OUT of the house, especially since I know that during the holidays we will bring boxes of things INTO our house!

Much of our stuff we choose to donate.  I love doing that, however some things of ours are more of bit ticket items and it would be really nice to get a little money back for the item.  You know to put into the Christmas gift fund or even the vacation fund?!?  But do I really want to have a garage sale?  All that work?  Price haggling? Sitting outside all day long?  {It’s getting chilly here!} Advertising?  Making signs?  Garage sales are a lot of work and I personally don’t have time right now for all of that work!

I am sure I am not the only one that is purging items in their home getting ready for the holidays ahead, and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks “I wish I could sell this!”


I am so happy to share with you this awesome site called ShopLocket!  Want to sell a few things from your Facebook page?  Want to sell a few crafts you made, or a holiday printable? Do you wish you could sell some home décor items that you just don’t have room for anymore?  If you answered YES to any of these questions then ShopLocket is your answer!!


ShopLocket is not a marketplace.  You don’t have to open a WHOLE SHOP just to sell a few things!  It’s a very simple way to sell your things online!   You simply sign up (takes approximately 15 seconds….30 if you are a slow typer!), enter a few details about your product {name, pricing, a photo or two} and you are good to go!  I told you it was easy!  Grab the code and share on your website, blog post or your Facebook page!  Yes, you can sell from your Facebook page!  How awesome is that?  Even if you don’t have a blog OR Facebook, you can send them directly to Shoplocket to make a purchase!  A link is provided to you!  ANYONE can do this!

Even their pricing is dead simple: there’s no up-front or monthly fees, you only pay when you sell. When you sell a product, you’re charged 2.5% plus any payment processing fees from PayPal or Stripe fees. So if you’re selling something that’s $20, you’d pocket $18.62!

No tables, no little bright colored polka dot pricing stickers, no haggling!  A super easy way to sell  things YOUR way and on YOUR schedule!  If you have it, sell it!  If you don’t then you don’t have to worry about people visiting an store of yours with no products!

As an added bonus, ShopLocket is going to be randomly giving out FIVE $100 gift certificates to Michaels to people that sign up in the next two weeks!  What do you have to lose?  I am sure there will be something in the next few weeks that you will want to sell whether it be some jewelry you made or some of your kids’ old toys!  Enter to win at the end of this post!  But first I am going to show you how Easy it is to make a listing!

Once you sign up:

How to Create a Product Post 1

Click on the Products tab in the upper right, then click New Product in the Right Sidebar area.

How to Create a Product Post 2

This is your product description page.  Fill in the Product Name, Description and Price {This is half the screen, next shot is a continuation of this page!}

How to Create a Product Post 3

After the price, enter the product type (physical, electronic or both), upload a few photos and then you can be done!  If you ‘d like you can check out the Advanced Options tab for info on sizes/color options, shipping, sale dates, etc.

How to Create a Product Post 3a

You can also customize how the widget looks too!  I like options!  :)    Then hit “Publish”


Next choose how you want to be paid.  I chose PayPal and entered my PayPal address in the space provided.


Next is the page where all the goodness is at!  You can share on social media in the upper right, you are provided a link to your listing below that and then finally the html code to embed in a website or blog post!  Seriously…this took me less than 5 minutes and that’s even with screenshots!  So simple!     Here is my widget below!

Be sure to check out ShopLocket on Facebook and Twitter and now onto the Giveaway!

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Disclosure:  I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with ShopLocket and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.  You may read my full disclosure HERE