Happy 4th of July!  As I am waiting for Spangenbaby to make his appearance I thought it’d be fun to mix it up a bit and have a little partyA Jamberry Nail Wrap Party + Giveaway!  How does that sound?!

Confession:  I am not a nail person.  I bite mine (horrible habit I know), I pick at the skin on the sides of my nails, and my nails just plain break and are hard to grow!  HOWEVER…those lovely prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones have my nails looking and feeling fabulous so I had to jump on the Jamberry bandwagon and I am so happy I did!  I am a believer!  I hate painting my nails because 1.  I suck at anything left handed and 2.  They chip and peel so fast!


My friend hosted a Facebook Party and I started out slow…of all the awesome selections of nail wraps…I chose BASEBALL ones!  (I bought these myself, I was not given any!)  Ha….it only figures I am having my THIRD BOY!  OK so I chose Curve Ball and Red Sparkle.  At least I added some glitter right!?  I was so impressed!  I offered to host my own party and I am inviting you!

Jamberry Nail Wraps 1

Want to know how they work?  They are really easy to apply.  I did it in a matter of minutes!

  1. I trimmed and shaped my nails
  2. I wiped down my nails with rubbing alcohol
  3. I matched the size of the Jamberry with my nail and cut the wrap in half
  4. I heated the Jamberry with my hair dryer and then smoothed it out on my nail pressing  firmly
  5. I trimmed the wrap and used a file to shape to my nail.
  6. I used a little orange stick to make sure all the edges were securely adhered to my nails.

They lasted more than 2 weeks!  Here is a picture of them on week 1 and week 2.5.  They still look fabulous you can just see my nail growth!

Jamberry Nail Wraps 2Jamberry Nail Wraps 3

There is pretty much a style for everyone!  From Collegiate to Animal Prints to Classic Colors!  Some of my favorites are these:

Candy ChevronPunchy PuffWatermelon


Candy Chevron  |  Punchy Puff  |  Watermelon

They even have sorority wraps, Sports & Hobbies and tons of French tips!  Pair the wraps with polish or wrap all your nails!  Mix and match and they even have ones for your little people’s fingers and toes!


New this month is this Stylebox by Jamberry!  You will have to head over to the Facebook Group to get all the juicy details on this amazing box delivered right to your door each month with tons of Jamberry goodness inside!  Exclusive designs only for Stylebox members!

Style Box by Jamberry

If you are interested in having a little Facebook party with me, I am inviting you to head over to my party page and join in the fun!  It’s no pressure, low-key, fun place to talk nails and show off our Jamicures!  You can ask questions, simply look around or feel free to share your favorite wrap styles!

Want to also enter to WIN one of THREE fabulous prizes?  I thought so!  Please use the Rafflecopter Widget below!   By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to my Official Giveaway Rules

Jamberry Giveaway at thatswhatchesaid.com

I’d love for you to come join my Facebook Group Party but if you are wanting some Jamberry Nail Wraps right away (because they are that awesome) you can shop here!

1st Prize:  Jamberry Mini Heater + 2 Sheets of Nail Wraps

2nd Prize:  Application Kit + 1 Sheet of Nail Wraps

3rd Prize:  1 Sheet of Nail Wraps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And That’s What Che Said…
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  1. Heather porter

    Super cute!

  2. Nikolette

    That flower design that you have pictured here is beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth G.

    I like the Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe.

  4. suzan

    I like the ombre wraps! Wishing they had a Michigan State University in the collegiate. Would love those.

  5. katherine

    Those look amazing and I cant believe how many fun designs there are!

  6. susie king

    Watermelon is my favorite wrap.

  7. brittney

    So cool!

  8. Amy

    I love the red sparkle! Jamberry is my new favorite!

  9. Gilda (mcstamper)

    Love the baseball – amazing product.

  10. I love too many to choose a favorite, but Cup of Tea is next on my wish list.

  11. Jessica W

    I love the candy chevron and LSU collegiate one!

  12. jamie

    these are so cute. i keep looking at them. miranda has been using them and i’ve been too chicken to try! the baseballs are so cute :)

    • I was chicken too Jamie! Then I used them, and now I love them. They last SO. MUCH. LONGER than a manicure and it keeps me from picking/biting at them and from them breaking. I’m kind of in love! Ha!

  13. Sherri

    Adam’s Favorite and Prissy Plaid are two of my favorites! But really, anything that is bright and/or glittery ranks high in my book.

  14. I like the white tip Short the best

  15. Myra

    Passport is my favorite for upcoming vacation

  16. shelby

    I love the turple ombre! It’s really pretty and unique.

  17. Jessicaj

    The watermelon is adorable.

  18. These are soooo cute! My girls would love these!

  19. Emily

    I like Vintage Chic!

  20. Heather R

    so many cute options! I really like the ombre styles, the “turple” caught my eye first!

  21. Joy N

    too many to choose from!! Retro Curves

  22. Megan

    I really want to try the watermelon ones.

  23. Natalie yeoman

    My favorite is vintage chic

  24. Erika

    I love the white french tips!

  25. The MoMo (mustaches) so cute. I want them for my little one’s first bday party.

  26. Heidi

    I love the watermelon and the gingham and berries, perfect for summer!

  27. Brennen Bushnell

    Lotus is totally me! Thanks so much for the great opportunities to win.

  28. Cristina Lopez

    I like the Candy Chevron!

  29. Britta

    The candy chevron print is really cute :)

  30. Shannon

    I have 4 different ones – skeletons for Halloween, leaves for fall, snowflakes for winter, and a purple/turquoise ombré one. I do love the look, but cannot get them to stay for 1 week, let alone 2!

  31. Carmen N


  32. Natalie Brown

    Hello! I love nail wraps! My favorite design of Jamberry’s is the Reminisce (Solid). So pretty with the flowers. Thank-you for the chance!!

  33. Julia T


  34. Lynne

    Truthfully there are probably too many choices……but ’tis the season, so right now my favorite is fireworks!

  35. Ari K


  36. Allie

    The lotus design

  37. Love Jamberry!!

  38. The watermelon design would be so cute on my little girl!

  39. Tiffanee Z

    I like sparkly, polka dot, and chevron designs! Candy Chevron is cute.

  40. Natasha J

    my all time fav is an old design that i have hoarded because its gone it was called safari tip and it was amazing :)

  41. Skyann S

    Red sparkle :)

  42. Courtney A

    I love any wrap with polka dots! Fun.

  43. Jessica G

    Great review! That red is dazzling! I would love to try them out.

  44. Stacy

    I have really been wanting to try these! It has just gotten too expensive for me to continue to go get my nails done. :-(


  45. Beckie windell

    I am really digging the watermelon one!

  46. Sara Jo.

    I love all the cool things you can do with these! I really want the navy blue stripes! They just look cool! I wish they had slanted stripes! That would be fun to do stripes in different directions!

  47. K. Lawrence

    I love the soccer one and the rose polka dots!

  48. Nikki

    I just bought my first Jamberry wrap last month (fireworks) and then forgot to use them for the Fourth of July! LOL Now I need to one that’s not so festive so I can wear it anytime!

  49. Maddie

    I’ve never used Jamberry before, but I was looking over their shop via the above link and I loooove the Punchy Puff! So cute!

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