It never is so honest as it is from the mouth of babes…Honesty from a 3 year old!

I’m standing in my bathroom getting ready to hop into the shower.  As always, I have a spectator.  Nope, not my husband, but the smallest person.  Every mom knows exactly what I am talking about:  you pee with an audience, you shower with an audience and when you think no one is watching you sneak that cookie…well be damned you have an audience!  With #3 on the way I fully acknowledge this situation and actually don’t think too much about it until the other day…

Honesty from a 3 year old

I opened the shower door to get the water started.  There is a little person (pictured above) sitting on my bed.  My bathroom door is open and he is singing me a silly song…and this is the conversation that follows:

Ryan:  Wow Mom, your belly is getting bigger!

Me:  It is!  Why is my belly getting bigger?

Ryan:  Because there is a baby in there!

Me:  That’s right!  Baby brother is in there growing bigger!

{silence…I think I am off the hook}

Ryan:  Mom…Is there a baby growing in your butt because that’s getting bigger too!

There you go friends.  Honesty from a Three Year old.  (Also so much of my husband in that comment, I don’t know where to start!)  Hope that made you laugh!

I didn’t even think my ass was getting that big at all! (this time!  last time was another story!)  I am in the same size jeans!  Here is reference…25 weeks

Toddler Honesty 25 weeks

And just for fun here is a better picture of the belly!

From the Mouth of Babes

What have your kids said recently?  Leave me a comment below or let’s chat on my Facebook page!  They say the funniest things!

And That’s What Che Said…
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