Ok so the 12th was his actual birthday but I am behind in posting this because we were having so much fun!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy.  I fell in love with you the minute I saw your lip quiver in the OR and my love has grown a million times and again.

Baby Boy

He is so stinking funny and he will mimic anything you do (so be careful!)  I love how he says “Excuse YOU!” instead of excuse me and I love how he looks up to his big brother.  He gives the tightest squeezes (hugs) and has to shoot a ball into the basketball hoop at least once a day!  I even love that he calls me Bobba!

photo 2

I absolutely adore his “Camera Smile” and the fact that he sees my phone or camera and stops to “pose”!

photo 3

photo 1

I love watching him grow and am so happy that he is mine!!!  Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!  I love you!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Jack Johnson –Better Together
Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 – ABC

And That’s What Che Said…

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