Next up in our “Does It Work?” series (I really don’t have a series) are those crazy wrap things that are all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds!  You know what I am talking about.  The It Works wrap.  My friend Liz sent me a box of Ultimate Body Applicator™ wraps and some Defining Gel™ and I am sharing my honest opinion of them, answering the question, “Does the It Works Wrap Really Work?”   I know you are curious…I was too!

Do the It Works Wrap Really Work - Find out!

I shared before that I have been doing several rounds of the 21 Day Fix.  That was all spurred by my trip to Turks & Caicos for Social Media on the Sand Conference.  I mean a social media conference at the beach…where you wearing a swimsuit could be plastered all over social media…if that (along with the obvious things like better health, more energy, blah, blah, blah) wasn’t reason enough I was not sure what was.

I had done several rounds of the Fix and was feeling great…however I still had loose skin.  Mommas you know what I am talking about.  Loose belly skin from where those littlest loves of your life stretched you for 40 weeks and then screwed with your hormones so much afterwards that dinners of cheesecake was a perfect way to cope.

Gah that loose skin.  So I decided to add these crazy wraps to the get up and see what they could do for my mid section.  Couldn’t hurt right?

It Works Wrap - Answering the question does it really work

A box of the Ultimate Body Applicator™ wraps has 4 individually wrapped wraps inside.  You can wrap every 72 hours and you can use the Defining Gel™ for the days in between wraps.  The wraps are pretty versatile as well.  So if you are good in the belly region but need some love on the thigh area, you can cut one in half and use on both thighs!  Or on your back, in the love handle region.  I love flexibility!

Ultimate Body Applicator - It Works Wrap Thing

So how do you wrap?

Good question.  It was not hard.  I opened the package and unfolded the wrap.  It has lotion like stuff on it.  You will see which side is which when you get it all the way open.  You place it on the area you want to focus on and then you wrap yourself, with the wrap on, in plastic wrap to keep in place.  They sell a material (pictured below in the collage), but plain old dollar store plastic wrap works like a charm.  Then you wait for 45 minutes (or longer).  Directions state to drink plenty of water.  You are trying to flush toxins and extra crapola out of your system and drinking a bunch and peeing is a great way to do that!

Heather did the work for me with this photo collage!

How to Wrap with the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap from It Works

After 45 minutes, remove the plastic wrap, remove the it works wrap and I rub the remaining lotion stuff into my skin like I am rubbing in lotion after a shower.  The effects of the It Works Wrap will keep working for the next 72 hours!

Here are my results after one wrap & 3 days of using the defining gel.  Before and after.  It’s really hard to photograph, but I can tell you that my skin was noticeably firmer.  {side note, I apologize for blinding you with my pasty white skin!}  I took a few measurements before and after and I did loose about 1/4 inch on the smallest part of my waist and a 1/2 inch on the love handle area.   I felt very confident in sporting a swimsuit.  I would do these again for upcoming events as well.  You can visually see the results in real life versus my taking pictures of myself images below!

Results after 1 Wrap

My friend shared some other photos that show a more dramatic transformation than mine.  {results are totally dependent on the person}

Does that wrap really work

It Works Wrap Testimonial

Do you want to try one?  Liz will send 1 wrap to 4 different readers for you to wrap yourself!  Yay!

Please use the Rafflecopter below.  No email entries will be counted, void where prohibited and by entering this giveaway you are agreeing to my official giveaway rules.  Wraps are valued at $25 per wrap, giveaway is for 1 wrap to 4 separate winners.  Winning entries will be verified.  Open Internationally.

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*Liz sent me the products to try free of charge.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I only share things I love with you guys! 
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