This was the Best. Christmas. Ever. 

Michael and Ryan were AWESOME!  Ryan was such a trooper with all the different people and places and missing naps and late, late bedtimes!

Every gift Michael opened, he exclaimed “Oh I this is so great and I LOVE YOU  (insert gift giver’s name) !”  It was FANTASTIC!  He also got to go shopping at school for gifts for Freddy, Ryan and I.  That was back on November 28th…so needless to say Ryan opened his gift the next day because Michael COULD NOT WAIT to give his brother his gift!  It was a slinky and still brings fun to the them!  He gave Freddy a money clip and when he opened it, Michael shouted, “ I got you that money clip for all your money Dad!”  He gave me a pair of fuzzy socks and jumped up and down in anticipation of me opening my gift chanting “You are just going to love this!”  Perfection!

Ryan would tear a small piece of paper off a gift and then say “Ohhhhhhhh….woooooooow!  He could only see the bottom of a box or a corner of a package but would shout that each time!  So stinkin’ cute!

We played with cousins, hugged all our family members and had a perfect day!  I hope each and every one of you had a perfect day also!

Merry Christmas Friends! 


And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…