Summer for our family is about spending time outside!  It’s about barbeques, watermelon, popsicles, swimming, sprinklers, camp fires and fireflies!  While outside I don’t constantly want to be reminded of how my landscaping has taken over our yard and I certainly don’t want to have to spend countless hours getting it looking great!  Here are 7 tips to get your yard ready for summer and how to do it in a flash!  (When I say a flash…I really mean it…Spangenbaby #3 is due soon!)   I am a RYOBI Outdoor Ambassador and they have graciously supplied me these tools of my choice.  They are also rock stars to offer a fabulous giveaway for one of YOU as well!

7 Tips for A Summer Ready Yard at

1.  Trim back any dead or overgrown foliage.  Make sure pathways are clear and that landscaping has a defined area.   I used the Ryobi 40V Expand-It Trimmer with the Brush Cutter Attachment to plow through these crazy vine ground covering plants we have.  And when I say “I”…I really mean my husband did!  I photographed!  There are perks to being 8 months pregnant!  He does all the yard work for me {love}.  (He does not like to be in my pictures either!)  These vines grow UP and OUT.  They are out of control.  They also are pretty fibrous so they are a pain to cut back.  They were no match for the brush cutter.  What used to take us hours to cut took a matter of minutes.

7 Ways to Get your Yard Ready for Summer with

It also cut down these dead Yucca plant like guys in no time.  I tell you, this thing really cut our work time in half!  It was pretty impressive how fast we finished!

7 Ways to Get your Yard Ready for Summer with

With the 40V Expand-It Trimmer we are able to trim, edge and use the brush cutter all as attachments (there are more attachments available as in the blower, cultivator, etc.).  They just pop on and off the head unit with a simple twist of a knob!   Kind of awesome.  You know I love multi-tasking products!

7 Ways to Get your Yard Ready for Summer with

2.  We added some storage for the kid’s summer toys!  There is nothing worse than wanting to go out and relax on a nice summer night and being surrounded by slip in slides, bikes and sports equipment left over from the day’s activities!   These deck boxes serve the purpose perfectly!  We defined an area, laid down weed fabric and leveled with rock before placing the deck boxes!

7 Ways to get your yard summer ready

7 Ways to Get your Yard Ready for Summer with

3.  Add some mood lighting to enjoy your summer evenings!  Add some fun!  Summer is not just about the beautiful sun shining days!  It’s also about the warm summer nights!  Stringing a set of outdoor patio lights on the pergola makes the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the warm weather!   You can add these to your porch or deck railing as well!  Another great idea is getting some candles!  Citronella ones work great if you have lots of pesky bugs!

4.  Give your patio or deck a good cleaning!  It doesn’t take long with the 3100 psi Ryobi Gas Powered Power Washer!  It is amazing how dirty your home, deck and patio can get being trapped under leaves and snow all winter long!

Ryobi 3100 PSI Power Washer

5.  Plant some flowers!  Flowers are a great way to add color and beauty to your yard.  You can plant them in the ground or you can plant them in pots or planters.  If you need a good DIY Planter, then be sure to check out these beauties I made!

6.  Add Fire or Water!  You heard me!  A fire pit or a water feature is the perfect addition to your yard for the summer!  The fire pit may even be able to be used year round depending on where you live!  I made this DIY Infinite Fountain from supplies that can all be found at The Home Depot!  It’s great and drowns out the sound of my neighbor’s lawnmower while we want some relaxation!


7.  Tidy up the edges.  Long grass grown intertwined in your fence and over grown edges of your yard can really be an eye sore.  Get them both in shape with the Edger and Trimmer attachments for the 40V Trimmer Head.    We snapped on the edger and in minutes the landscaping blocks were visible again.  Ah-mazing.  The trimmer head powered through the tall grass along our fence line and even zapped the neighbors :)   The edger worked great to contain the vines along our landscaping blocks!  Everything looks so clean and refined now!  7 Ways to Get your Yard Ready for Summer with

Some comments from my husband when using this for the first time:

  • He couldn’t believe the power it had, being a battery operated tool.  He was really impressed and that says a lot from my husband.
  • He enjoyed the ease of changing out the attachments.
  • The brush cutter pretty much made his year!
  • He loves that he stores one base unit and then attachments instead of individual, separate tools.  Our garage is not large and they really reduce the amount of stuff we have.
  • If you happen to have existing gas powered trimmer attachments…they WILL WORK with this battery powered Power Head!

I did get to test this out when I went to RYOBI headquarters back in March!  My belly wasn’t so big then and I could more easily maneuver it.  It was awesome!

So tell me…what is YOUR best tip to get your yard summer ready?

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