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Summer was one of my absolute favorite times of the year!  Not just because school was out either!  I loved the play.  During the summer we would wake up, eat breakfast, and go out to play all day until the street lights came on!  It was so much fun!  Dirty hands, sweaty hair and a few skinned knees!  Some of my fondest child hood memories are playing games outside with my friends!

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I don’t see kids outside playing as much as when I was younger, so when I was asked to cohost an OUTDOOR event to get kids up to PLAY I was totally on board!

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My sweet friend Danielle from Extraordinary Mommy and I joined some friends in the park for the perfect day of PLAY!  No electronics, just fresh air, grass, lots of fun outdoor toys, friends and delicious snacks!

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Watching them run around and burn energy just reminded me of my childhood!  We had a bean bag toss game and balls and goals and Frisbees and BUBBLES!   When my son was flipping through the grass, it reminded me of the fun games and activities that II  used to play as a child!  Cartwheels and round-offs and handstands could take up a whole afternoon!  So here are some oldie, but goodie, games to get your kids outside (and no extra equipment or supplies are needed {besides a ball!}

6 Old School Outdoor Game Ideas at

1.  Red Rover

Two teams in a line facing each other holding hands.  One team calls “Red Rover, Red Rover, send {insert child’s name on opposite team} over!”  That child has to run over and try to break through the linked arms of the opposite team.  If they succeed, they capture a player back to their team.  If they do no break the link, they stay on that team.

2.  Tag

Seriously…why don’t kids play tag anymore.  “Tag…You’re It!”  And RUN!

3.  Kick Ball

Great for when you have a whole slew of kids to play!  Same principles of baseball except you kick the ball and throw the b

4.  Capture the Flag

Two teams.  Each has a flag. You try to capture the opposing teams flag without getting caught by the other team.  We had the whole neighborhood as our playground for this game.  It was awesome!

5.  Hide-N-Seek

We all know how to play this.  We need to play it more!  The excitement and anticipation is too much!

6.  Red Light Green Light

This game is great if you have small ones.  The rules are simple.  There is a start and finish line.  When the announcer says Green Light, you run like the dickens as fast as you can towards the finish line until they stay “red light” when you have to freeze!  If you don’t freeze, you start over!  First one to cross the line wins!


The best part about playing these games today is that kids have great choices to fuel their energy!  Did you know CLIF  Kid snacks are specifically crafted to nourish active kids so they can play?  With no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavors, CLIF Kid products provide the energy they need to get outside and play!  We snacked on delicious Zbars,  Zfruit sticks and fresh fruit during our day at the park!  They are delicious!  Each of my littles had their favorite!  Michael loved the brownie bars! <—yes I said Brownie! Yum!  Ryan loved the Zfruit sticks, strawberry to be exact and I LOVED the Chocolate Mint Zbars and the Peanut Butter Zbars!  They tasted great!

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Want more fun ways to get outside and play?  Visit CLIF Kid online Hub to get tips ideas for some fabulous outside play!  Grab your friends, neighbors and classmates and play!

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