Tired of staring at a boring space in your home?  Get moving like I did and create a beautiful space that looks like it was styled by a professional with the help from At Home, The Home Décor Superstore and my easy design tips!

How to Update Your Space on a Budget

I am in my home all day, everyday.  Like most of you I am busy with my three kids & husband, my kids’ activities, school and church responsibilities and try to squeeze in as much “me time” as I can.  Style in my home has definitely fallen to the wayside.

As I am sitting in my living room each day I constantly think that I need to get going on some sort of design.  I normally get overwhelmed and that’s where it stays.  I mean I am an engineer…I am not a designer!   So I am happy to share my tips to create a stylish mantel just like a professional designer!

Easy Design Tips from an Engineer

Updating my mantel  in turn updated my entire living room easily and within my budget with the help of At Home stores!  I am confident in saying you can too!

After - Mantel Update High Design for Less

Let’s take a look at my mantel before:  Dark curtains that were pulled up to let any and all light in my home (my home is pretty dark normally).  Random things that have accumulated on the mantel ledge.  A broken basket of random blankets and pillows.  The only thing my before mantel had going for it was the cute picture of my small dudes :)

Mantel Update - Before

I mean what the what?  That small green bottle is bubbles and what is that tall one doing there all by itself?  I  mean come on Cheryl…even an engineer is better than that! LOL

Before - Mantel Update

Now let’s look at my mantel after my trip to At Home:  Beautiful light teal curtains, coordinating décor on the mantel, a beautiful mirror to reflect light and act as a focal point, new basket that holds new pretty coordinating blankets!!  And I did all this MYSELF!  I mean this is a big deal people!

Mantel Update - After

The absolute best part is that I created this happy, cohesive look from one shopping trip and easily made this happen on my budget!  I got a designer look for NOT a designer price!  You can too with my easy design tips!

Here’s a closer look at some of my finds!

Add Bright Curtains to freshen up your space

My space is naturally on the darker side from the way my house faces and window placement so I actually opted to just do one curtain over there in the corner and let the other side be open!  It instantly brightens the space and that color is all the heart eyes!  The light teal ties in perfectly with those delicious smelling candles I found!

Tip 1:  Don’t be afraid to break up a set!  Only using one curtain in this small space not only opened it up but it brightened the room!  It no longer looks heavy and cluttered but light and airy!

Vary heights of Mantel Accessories to create interest

I like to add some height to the ends of my mantel so these crisp white candle sticks with the light teal candles are perfect!  I chose two different sizes of candle sticks with two different sizes of candles themselves!  Even better I can easily replace the candles with different colors to coordinate with the different holidays! Multi-tasking, you know I love it!

Tip 2:  Alternate heights of your items.  It gives visual appeal and depth to your space!

Pairing same pattern but in different sizes and shapes creates a focal interest

To flank the opposite side I chose these two mosaic vases.  To be completely honest, I could not just choose one so both came home with me and I am so happy they did!  They are just beautiful!

Tip 3:  You can use the same pattern however alternate shapes and sizes of objects to make them each their own design point!

Sunburst Mirror - At Home Stores

To center the two taller sides I went with these planted grass pots.  I always love the way a bit of greenery (alive or faux) instantly freshens up a space.  I have always wanted to have something like this so when I found these guys, they literally jumped from the shelf into my basket.  :)  If you have been reading my blog for a bit you might remember I love Sunburst Mirrors!  This one right here caught my eye from all the way down the aisle!  It draws your eye up and reflects light beautifully!

Tip 4:  Mirrors make spaces look larger, reflect light and are great focal pieces on walls and mantels!  Think outside the box, mirrors don’t need to be rectangle. Combining a mirror with the sunburst makes this an art piece in itself!

Patterned Blankets are a great way to add color and desing to your space

We are a blanket loving family so I had to replace my broken basket with this nice sturdy wicker one and of course new blankets!  Adding the chevron pattern was a great way for me to bring some interest to the rest of the room while we are all cuddled up.  I am also never jumping off the chevron bandwagon.  I just love that pattern!

Tip 5:  Blankets and pillows are a great way to introduce different patterns and textures into your space.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone of solids and add in fun patterns!

Designer Look, Homemaker Budget

I’m so thrilled with how the space turned out and honestly a little proud I was able to do this myself.  {pats herself on the back!}  I feel encouraged to tackle more spaces in my home and make them look like I had a designer over!    I know you can do it too!  Take the first step and head to At Home to get your inner designer on!

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