DIY Easy Rope Bracelets

Want something new to wear?  How about  making yourself a few of these easy rope bracelets?  You can make them in your favorite colors or team colors or school colors!  They are really fun and addictive, I dare you to only make one! These are really easy to make.  They may look intimidating but I…

Spider Web Wreath

This Spider Web Wreath is a fun spin on a classic wreath!   It is both creepy and crawly and super fun and festive!  Using a frame instead of the regular circle wreath gives it a bit of uniqueness!

Funky Spiderweb Wreath at

Supplies Needed for Spider Web Wreath:

  • Black Picture Frame with glass and backing removed
  • Black Yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fake Spider
  • Orange Ribbon

First start out with your frame and yarn.

Spider Web Wreath

Next you are going to hot glue taut pieces of yarn in the below pattern.  First make a plus sign and then follow with an X.

Spiderweb Wreath 1

Then tie the end of your yarn in a knot in the center where all the strings meet up.

QTip Dart Game at

Q-Tip Dart Game Kids Activity

Have your kids told you “I’m Bored!” for the millionth time yet?  With the new baby there is a lot of stuff going on around here but sometimes I really need my two older boys to play nice and fend for themselves a little bit so Momma can take a breather!  I have tons of tricks to keep my small people occupied and I am super excited to share this Q-Tip Dart Game with you today!  Not to fear…the darts will not harm anyone or anything! :)

Q-Tip Dart Game Idea at

I picked up all my supplies at my local Dollar Tree.   OK so I had the Great Value straws already on hand but you get the idea!  (They sell straws at the Dollar Tree also!)  In most cases, you can use things you already have around the house!  These are things we can always improvise on supplies!

Supplies needed:

  • 3 small tins, buckets or baskets
  • Small Die Cut Numbers
  • Q-Tips
  • Drinking straws
  • tape

Have the kids go on a hunt for the supplies…it will keep them busy!  {wink}

Dad’s BBQ Squirt Bottle

Do you want a really simple and practical gift to make and give for Father’s day?  I have just the thing for you…my BBQ Squirt Bottle.  Most dads, uncles, grandpas and the special men in our lives spend some summer time in front of a grill.  Most of the time they have a huge cup of water or a squirt bottle to help tame the flames!  Here is a fun one to fix up and personalize for your special man!

BBQ Squirt Bottle - Father's Day Gift Idea at

This started out a long time ago.  I bought the one below for my dad at the Christmas Store at my grade school.  I think I probably spent a good $2 of my hard earned money on it :)  It was an old dish soap bottle that had “Dad’s BBQ Squirt Bottle” written on it with paint markers and some flames drawn on it.  Fast forward to just last year.  MY DAD WAS STILL USING IT!  It had to be at least 25 years old!  It was an antique people!  (That just scared me that it was 25 years ago—I am not that old!)  OK so I digress…however it had seen better days so I whipped one up for my small people to give him to replace the old one.