I’d love for you to see how easy it is to make these adorable mason jar straw lids in a matter of minutes!  These will be great all summer long and are perfect for picnics to keep those pesky bugs out of your beverages!!

I just have to say that this post is dedicated to my sweet friend Jessica at Mom 4 Real.  Jessica loves her mason jar drinks and accessories so this tutorial is for Jess.  Not that she needs my tutorial…she is fully capable of making her own, but because I can’t drink out of a mason jar, or use a mason jar, or think about a mason jar (and accessories) without thinking of Jess, it is dedicated to her!!

Mason Jar Straw Lids Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid.net

Supplies needed:

  • Mason Jar lids
  • 5/16 Rubber Grommets
  • Power Drill with 3/8” drill bit
  • Fun Straws
  • Scrap piece of wood to drill into

This could not be easier! (I did 4 and found the best way to get smooth edges on your drilled hole is use a scrap piece of wood behind it.)  Put your lid on your scrap piece of wood and drill down slowly until you are all the way through.  I offset my straw hole to one side (not centered) just by choice.

drilling mason jar lids for straws

If you happen to get a sharp edge, then just trim with some metal snips.

Snip Access Metal from drilled hole

Carefully slip your rubber grommet through the hole.

Mason Jar Straw Lids at thatswhatchesaid.net

Insert lid back on jar and put a straw in it!  Told you it was easy!

DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids at thatswhatchesaid.net

The grommets are not food grade but they really don’t come in contact with the beverage at all so I am ok with that.  Here is what the bag looks like and I found them in the small drawers in the nuts/bolts/screws aisle at The Home Depot.  They were in the grommets section.

Rubber Grommet Collage

If you want to decorate them up for a party you can also see my chalkboard labels that I did for our Mickey Mouse Birthday party.  In my shop I sell the Mickey Mouse Chalkboard labels along with Sesame Street tags, ovals and rectangles.

Happy Sipping Friends!

 I’m thinking of mixing up a batch of my White Peach Sangria or my Copy Cat Lime-A-Rita to put in these cuties!  Even my Cucumber, Lemon & Mint Detox Water or my Tropical Green Smoothie would be fabulous!    What would you put in yours???

DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid
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  1. Really cute, Cheryl! You rock! :)

      • Harmony

        This is great, can’t wait 2 make, thanks a bunch:’)

  2. Oh my goodness…I just love you! You are correct, I do love my mason jar drinks…but, you are the queen now with those awesome lids…heading out to Lowe’s to get some grommets shortly!!!

    • Love you right back!!! I will think of you every time I drink from one :)

  3. Beverly

    I love this idea because I love drinking out of Mason jars! What kind of straws do you use for this project?

    • Beverly, I just used some paper straws but my regular plastic “comes in a pack of a million” ones fit too!!!

      • Pati

        Hi Cheryl, I really love the straws that you used. Are the ones in the picture plastic? If so, where can I find them? I’ve looked at Walmart and Michaels and they didn’t have any. We are going to make these in a class. Please let me know.


        • Hi Pati! The straws I used in this post are paper straws. I just spotted a whole rack of them at Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Craft stores in the baking section! Otherwise I purchased mine online through one of the deal sites! If you google paper straws I bet you will find exactly what you are looking for!

    • That was my exact thought too!! If you have a drill you are all set, and most of us can all get access to a drill :)

  4. Dona

    Iced coffee!!!!! Thanks! Dona

  5. I love this idea! Our girls love drinking out of mason jars, but one of them usually ends up spilling something. A trip to Home Depot is in our near future . . . Thanks so much for this great idea!!

    • Yes, the spilling…I totally understand that also! Hope they work out great for you Jennifer!

  6. Crystal

    I love these!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Can’t wait to make these. Perfect for summer! I would put either Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper or Crystal Lite Peach Green tea. Thanks again!!

    • Seriously Trish! After the Pergola I said the next project would be simple! My brain and muscles needed a break :)

  7. Atta Girl Amy

    Smacking my head because i have bought some of these. But I always wanted to know how to knock em off and make my own. Now I know what those little rubber thingies are! You are a genius.

    I just threw out all our sippy cups and have been letting my 6-year-old drink out of mason jars with straws. Now I can make him an entire set of lids.

    And now I have another reason to love Jess! Never realized she was such a fan of sipping out of Mason jars. Hope they have them at Haven

    • Thanks Amy!!! Love in Jess for me at Haven!! She is my favorite Mom 4 Real :)

  8. So clever! This is a must for those of us with kids who spill EVERYTHING! : )

    • Isn’t that the TRUTH Ashley!! It amazes me sometimes :) thanks for stopping by!!!

  9. I love this project and have actually tackled it myself, but I couldn’t stand the smell of the rubber grommets…..do you know if there is a way to get rid of that by chance?

    • Hmm…I’m not sure exactly Lindsay. The ones I got actually didn’t smell bad at all and I am REALLY, REALLY anal about that kind of stuff. Where the grommets you purchased neoprene? Maybe try a different brand from a different store?! Sorry I can’t help more! I am totally with you though…that smell would drive me nuts if I could smell it while sipping on my drink!

      • Mine came from Lowes I believe….maybe I’ll try Home Depot sometime. Thanks – it’s good to know that there are some out there that don’t stink because I was really discouraged after I did it!

  10. Lisa

    What a great idea, perfect for summer too!

  11. I love this idea! It’s like a grown-up sippy cup :-)

  12. Nat

    This is SO cute! I know this is dumb…but I really didn’t know you could make them yourself! Haha! So excited to try it with my blue Ball jars!

    • Not dumb at all and they will look AWESOME with the blue jars! I had to use incredible self control when I saw a 6 pack of blue jars at Target the other day! Love those!! Thanks for stopping over!

  13. Awesome!!! I like this so much better than others I’ve seen.

  14. Great post ! I love this idea – it will help keep the bugs out of the beverages :)

  15. I love this idea, brilliant Cheryl!! Shared on FB and Pinned. Happy weekend!

    xo, Tanya

  16. Sthiegs

    It may be worth noting for those who want to make a number of these (I’m in the midst of making 25 for a family gathering for the 4th) that HD only keep a small number of these grommets in stock and they cost about $1/each. After toying with special ordering (additional cost) and much ado at the service counter (will they arrive in time, etc), I googled rubber grommets and quickly found a company called Imports that sold me a pack of 100 (!) for $10. Not sure what I’m going to do with that many rubber grommets but if you’re making more than 10, this might be a better choice. And they are scheduled to be her in 3 days from order date. Just a heads up as I had already drilled, bought new snips and committed with I felt the sticker shock of rubber grommets. Thanks!!

  17. Vernita

    I found the grommets at a hardware store for $.39. I got some white plastic screw on lids that fit the jars and and made some to fit regular straws and some that fit the thicker (1/2″ I think) smoothie straws. They work great and are a lot of fun. I love using those new pretty “vintage” blue pint jars. I would love to get some of those stainless steel straws I saw on Amazon…

  18. Kate

    such a great idea! I want to do this for a big BBQ birthday party I’m throwing this weekend. Thanks!! :)

  19. This is so adorable and creative! It’s spill-proof, which is perfect for kids! :)

    • Thanks Catherine! My kids love them! I just make sure they don’t walk around with them…since the mason jars are glass!

  20. Alex

    I love these! Put a little twist on them and painted them with chalkboard paint so that you can keep track of your drink! I also found that the holes came out much cleaner when you drill them from the bottom! Thanks!

    • Great ideas and tips Alex! Thanks for sharing! Have a great rest of the week!

  21. Traycee Bedford

    Love this idea! Anyone know if a Crop-A-Dile tool would work too? I don’t have one but have drooled over them in the craft stores. This just might be the excuse I need to buy one!

    • I’m not exactly sure Traycee. I am not sure the largest size that the crop-a-dile punches!! I’d love to hear it if you try it!

    • Rhonda

      Yes a Crop-A-Dile works great! That’s what I use.

  22. Phyllis Stebe

    Blackburns preserves come in a glass jar with handle and screw on lid. I have purchased this jelly many times from Menards, and it would work perfectly for this project. The lid is one-piece and would be easy to drill and insert the grommet.

    • Yes Phyllis, that’s a great idea! I know exactly what you are talking about! Thanks for stopping over!

  23. Theresa Craig

    I am having trouble getting those gronments to fit in the hole of the lids

    • Theresa, if you used a 3/8″ drill bit they fit almost perfectly. You have to slide one side in and then pop the other in and it fits really nice and snug!

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  25. Eurethia Tallent

    I made these except I used a plastic peanut butter lid. Adorable and so much cheaper than the bought ones

  26. Stephanie H.

    Hi, I used a similar tutorial with 3/8″ grommets and my reusable straw won’t fit! Have you tried reusable straws with yours?

    • Sorry Stephanie!! I have not tried it with the reusable straws!! Only the paper ones!

  27. Kim

    Thanks you for showing just how easy this is!!! I’m doing these for my daughters baby shower and couldn’t figure out how to do the lid! Question though where did you get the straws from I need them in a bulk supply


    • Thanks Kim! I picked up those straws at one of the deal sites! It was so long ago I can’t quite remember which but if you Google paper straws you should hopefully find some!

  28. I never toss out huge compliments randomly especially such a word as this …. but…. you are a genius!

  29. Dawn Bauer

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Marilyn

    These are wonderful and can’t wait to get my rubber grommets and get started. These will make great party favors or an activity if you provide paint pins for everyone to decorate their jar (glass) and then take home.

  31. Katherine Michelle

    Hello! I’ve seen this post a long time ago but only got to find a mason jar a few hours ago. I’m so excited to use my jars for food and drinks. And I’ve noticed others have been using mason jars as vases… Maybe when i get tired of drinking. Thank you again for sharing your ideas! ☺️

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  33. barry

    need a price on 200 lids for 16 oz. mason jars, no straws, just lids.

    • Hi Barry! I do not sell these, I just made them and shared the tutorial so that others could make this project too themselves!

  34. Antoinette

    Are these grommets 5/16 inch inside or outside diameter? I want to make sure I order the correct size. Thanks!

    • Inside. They are actually like split donuts so the top and bottom spill over the edges of your hole in the lid. :)

  35. Vllanas

    OMG,I go to this restaurant that uses mason jars for your drinks and I always say I want one ,now I actually can,haha,thank you

  36. Laura Miller

    Nice! I just bought some vintage blue style jars for summer, I’m going to have to make a few of these.

    • Perfect! I am loving all the colored jars they are making now! Have you seen the green ones too?

  37. Jacinta

    These are so easy to make! You have done a great job with the website, my partner and I have been looking to expand our current online presence to include a lot more Mason Jar art and craft elements, to engage with visitor more and give them a lot more value. Hope you don’t mind if we try and re-create them at home for our subscribers!

    • Hazel

      I have just gotten into this make your own Mason jar lid for straws. I found some colorful silicone grommets, already made lids with rubber grommets, and soap dispensers pumps for Mason jars when I googled! Also, Ball that sells the “vintage” jars sells the jars with handles.

      What inspired me was I had bought a set of the quart-sized handled jars with the lids and straws from Sam’s Club.

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  39. Julie

    Did you use a drill bit made for drilling metal, or just a regular one used for wood?

    • I used a regular drill bit Julie! Just one I had in my garage! The lids are so thin it worked just fine! :)

      • Julie

        Ok thanks for the quick reply!! I am making a bunch of these for my daughter’s first birthday party this weekend, I’m so excited!!

  40. Dawn

    Love this! Thank you!

  41. Brenda Lee

    I am wondering if the holes ever rust underneath. I made the soap dispensers from mason jars & the lids rusted around where I cut the hole out. I used a strong glue instead of silicone- that may be my problem. Does the grommet protect it from the moisture? Just wondering if you’ve had that problem. Thanks.

    • So far they have not Brenda. I did use the brass lids though. Brass does not rust. I am sure these aren’t 100% brass lids but so far they are doing great! The grommet has a pretty tight seal on the hole. I’m not sure anything is getting up in there.

      • Brenda Lee

        Thank you for answering so quick. I am FOR SURE doing this! Thanks so much for the tute.

  42. RG

    Does it still rust under the grommet?

    • It hasn’t for me yet…however I did use the brass lids. I know they are not 100% brass but it seems to be helping!

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  47. Alexis

    I carry this around with me at school (I’m a crafty high school student) and I get so many compliments! It’s like the coolest thing ever I actually love putting water in it, and the cut up fruit pieces to add a bit of flavor!

  48. Arub Khan

    My family and I have always loved drinking from mason jars and the grandkids go wild over them. I got some of the pretty color jars and made hand soap dispensers. Here is the problem, my lids rusted. I have some of the plastic mason bars with lids,but those lids do not fit the glass jars. Any suggestions? Other than use the plastic jars as a dispenser.

    • Possibly find the jars with brass lids. Mine have not rusted at all. I have only made the lids from the brass ones however, I haven’t used any of the aluminum type ones! Just a thought!

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