I am so excited about this project today!  A Felt Christmas Tree is perfect kid’s Chrsitmas activity for all the small people in your life (and your sanity also!)  Give your kids a tree that’s up to them to decorate as they please, hopefully leaving your real tree alone too!  

Felt Christmas Tree. Perfect for little curious people!

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My kids have mostly been pretty good at leaving the ornaments alone on our tree.  I put all the keepsake/breakable ones up on top and all of their ornaments and the plastic ones on the bottom!

{{Funny side story:  When Michael was young, our tree was in the corner of our living room in MN and shielded by the arm of the sofa and the hearth of the fireplace so he was pretty good at leaving it be.  Well with Ryan, it was just plain out in the open right in front of our huge living room windows in our house in Joplin.  So Ryan was more of a challenge to keep away.  I told him that he couldn’t touch the ornaments but he COULD wave at them, blow them kisses, tell them hello, give them thumbs up or tell them they were pretty!  So you would walk into the room and he’d be standing there, crouched down saying “I wuv you!” or waving at them…so stinking cute! }}

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OK back to the felt tree!  This project is so easy and really your options for decorations are endless!   Use anything you have on hand too!  Great for those scraps!  

Supplies Needed for Felt Christmas Tree:

*I found everything I needed at Michaels – one stop shopping!

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First I folded the Green felt square in half and used some chalk to draw the shape of a tree.  I realized it needed to be much wider to hold ornaments for TWO boys so I made it wider.

Felt Christmas Tree Pattern

Then simply cut along your pattern lines and unfold to lay flat.  

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree

Next I started cutting ornaments.  I used a glass to form a circle and then free-handed a star and “pointy ornament” as Michael calls them!  You can make shapes also.  Get as creative as you want or keep it as simple as you need!  This project is for everyone!  

Circle Felt Ornaments with Decor

I cut a bunch of small circles to use as decorations on the ornaments themselves or as lights on the tree!

Pointy Ornaments

I also cut some squares and rectangles for presents.  I hot glued strips in a plus sign to resemble the ribbon wrapped around a gift and a bow to go on top!

Present Pieces

Here’s what it looks like put together!


If you keep all your squares and rectangles the same size then you can just make several “ribbon” pieces and they are all interchangeable on the gifts!

Last but certainly not least…gift tags!

Felt Gift Tags

Here is the kids’ felt tree!  Felt sticks to felt so you do not need any adhesive on the pieces themselves.  They go on and off just with a bit of static cling :)

Christmas Felt Tree Tutorial

The Santa Bin I made last year as found it’s use for this year!  To hold all the felt pieces of the tree!  Because as much as my kids love decorating their felt tree…they love un-decorating it even more!!  I had felt pieces all over the place!

Santa Bin

I used some double sided poster tape to hang the tree on the wall.  Then the kids had fun decorating it up.

How to make a felt Christmas Tree at thatswhatchesaid.com

They mix and match and have a great time!  Michael used all the gift bows as tree tip decorations and it looked really cute and then he used all the polka dots for the presents!  I love their creativity!  They also set up their Little People Nativity under their felt tree too!  SO CUTE! 

You can also use this as a great learning opportunity also on colors and shapes, depending on how you cut your ornaments!  Never miss an opportunity to let them learn!

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Felt Jack-O-Lantern Faces for Kids

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    • Thanks friend! I think E needs one!!!

  1. Aah! That is so fun and cute! Love the idea to help keep the kids’ paws off the ornaments, too! :)

    • Thanks Jillian!

  2. Too funny! I am in the process of making one of these for my kids. Hoping it will cut down on the littlest one taking all the ornaments off the tree! Your ornaments are super cute!!

    • Hype it up a bit Laura and I am sure they will be much more excited about their own one :)

  3. Jenna

    OH how I wish I had read how you did your this morning!! I just made 2 large trees and wish I had laid my in half so it looked a little more uniform, Mine is very very wonky!!! But I love the bucket on the ground for them to put the ornaments when they are not playing with them!!

    • Real trees are not symmetrical Jenna! I am just OCD when it comes to that stuff! I get that from my mom! I am also OCD about parts of things all over the floor…drives me nuts all day long! I keep hearing “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”…Wow, this reply makes me sound crazy!

      • Jenna

        no it makes perfect sense!! My trained me the same way- this was our 2nd set of trees, bc my last ones were too skinny too, but still didn’t think to do what you did!!!

      • jeanne

        How did you how did you attach the tree to the wall?

  4. So stinkin’ cute!! I love it! I think this is such a fun idea. Maybe I’ll have to make time to make one for my daughter! :)


    • Thanks Allison! Your daughter will LOVE it! And…it was a big help in keeping my littles fingers off my ornaments on my real tree! So easy…took less than half hour! :) Thanks so much for stopping over and leaving a nice comment! I appreciate you!

  5. Misty

    I love this idea!! Great for busy toddlers and preschoolers.

    Cute idea to tell him to blow kisses and wave to the ornaments!

    • Thanks Misty! I appreciate the nice comment!

  6. Gabbi May

    Super cute! How do the ornaments stick and re-stick to the tree…is it just that the felt adheres to the felt or do you use the poster tape for that too?


    • Hi Gabbi May! Yes, the felt just sticks to the felt so they can mix and match and position and re-position over and over! Tip: The patterned felt is not that “fuzzy” and had a hard time of sticking which I why I stuck to just solid colors! I chose the fuzziest piece in the pile of each color :) Hope your small people enjoy if you make one!

      • Gabbi May

        Thank you! My son is 14 months right now and I think that having a tree of his own will help distract him from the real tree…although, that’s probably wishful thinking =)

        Oh well, it will be fun to make and to have for the next few years for him and his future siblings to enjoy!

        Thanks again!

  7. Angela

    We also did this tree last year and it’s indeed AWSOME.

  8. sandra

    did you hot glue the ornaments when you decorated them or just stick them with felt to felt

    • I just stuck them felt to felt Sandra so that the small people could mix and match the designs.

  9. Jolen

    What’s the hot glue for?

    • Jolen, I decorated some of the ornaments and used hot glue for those as well as the “ribbon” on the packages. Those are glued together.

  10. Michelle

    How did you get the tree to stick to the wall? My mom and I just made one and used sticky tack. The felt didn’t like the sticky tack and fell down after about an hour. Thanks!!!

    • Michelle, I used double sided poster tape. Worked perfectly!

  11. lacey

    How’d u hang the tree to the wall?

  12. Melissa

    The double sided poster tape doesn’t hurt the walls when you take it off?

  13. Lauren G

    Where do you get the large piece of green felt? This is so cute!

    • Lauren I am almost certain I bought it at Michael’s in the kids’ craft supply aisle. They had Green, Red and White large pieces of felt, folded and hanging with the googly eyes and pipe cleaners!

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  15. Aimee

    Does the double side poster tape really stay adhered to the wall? I’ve made one of these for my kids and used command adhesive strips but it didn’t stay well on the wall.

    • Yes! This is the third year I have used poster tape with no problems! It’s double sided and works great!

      • Julie

        Where do you get the double-sided poster tape?

        • Any store that sells office supplies. I have even found it at my local Dollar Tree!

  16. wendy farmer

    This is great!!! I did want to ask though, do the felt ornaments just “stick” to the tree or do you need velcro or something??? Also, I don’t have a glue gun, can I assume that craft glue would be ok for.the ornaments??

    • Yes the felt sticks to the felt and craft glue would be just fine!!!

  17. Jeannie

    Do they really stick together that well, without falling? I would have thought you glued the decorations to the ornaments…. I would love to do this for my daughter… and yours is by far the cutest I’ve seen! Thanks for any feedback!

    • Thanks so much Jeannie! Yes they stick great. It doesn’t take much and they are so light that there is not much to weigh them down! I do like to make sure I use the felt that is kind of “fuzzy” Not the stiff felt that is pretty smooth on the surface!

  18. Karen

    Where do you get the poster tape? It won’t peel paint off the wall? How much and where did you put the tape for mounting on the wall?

    • You can find poster tape anywhere tape is sold pretty much. I have picked it up at Walmart, Office Max as well as my local Dollar Tree! It has not peeled anything off of my walls so far! I just put the tape sporadically around the tree. No particular placements.

  19. pamv985

    How many command strips and what size?

    • I used double sided poster tape. You can use command strips as well. Quantity and size depend on the size of your tree. I would put one at the top and then maybe every other branch? Just enough to keep the tree on the wall as the kids play with it.

  20. Kim Pressnell

    Love this! I have a special needs granddaughter who loves decorating the tree, so I`m making this for her. I know she’ll love it.

  21. Nikki Palmer

    I love this idea!! We don’t have a craft store near me so I will be ordering online. I found a green roll of felt that is 72″ x 1 yd. Is that big enough?
    I have also seen a suggestion of gluing the tree to a larger piece of white felt to give more room for presents underneath. Do you suggest that?

    • Thanks Nikki! That roll is plenty! That will make your base of your tree 1 yard wide and that is perfect! My hesitation about adding the white is that it gets heavy and when it gets heavy it gets harder to keep up on the wall. You can always try it and report back! I’d love to see a finished picture too! You can email it to me or share it on my Facebook Page!

  22. Lydia

    How thick if the felt?
    I am trying to make one for Christmas as my son is 13 months.

    • Hi Lydia, Mine is regular craft felt! There is stiff felt and soft and it’s the soft type.

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