How to Easily Remove Labels from Jars, Bottles, almost anything with what you have in your pantry!

How To Easily Remove Labels

Are you ready to have your socks rocked off?  I am not even kidding.  I have the magic ingredients on How to Easily Remove Labels from jars and containers without leaving that annoying adhesive residue behind!  Hands down this is the best way to remove labels and I have tried them all!

If you are like me you are always thinking “I could use that for something!” when I empty out a jar.  (or peanut butter container!)  And I do use them.  In my craft room to store all my little supplies!  I simply spray paint all the lids and voila…I have cute jars for next to nothing compared to the ones sold in the craft stores!

That glue on jar labels drives me nuts! I can peel the paper layer off and then I am left with this: Yucky, sticky glue residue.

The best way to remove labels and this sticky goo.

Well not any more my friends!!

The Best way to keep kids away from electronics buttons! Genius!

Easy Hack to Keep Little Fingers Away from Electronics Buttons

Spangenbaby is walking, he has a whole bunch of words, he is charming and curious and happy and wonderful…and he cannot stop pushing the buttons on our DIRECTV Box, DVR and Wii!  I am sharing an inexpensive and easy hack to keep little fingers away from electronics buttons while still being able to use your remote controls!

Easist Way to Keep Little Kids Away from DVR Buttons
I don’t blame him really.  They are at exactly his height.  They light up and are pretty and who doesn’t love to push buttons?  I get it.  However sometimes while watching a show it is so annoying to have it flashing on and off like a strobe light because a baby is standing there pushing the power button!

The Easiest Way to Keep Kids away from Elecronic Buttons

Heart Attack Door Idea for Valentines Day

Give Your Loved Ones a “Heart Attack” Valentine!

Today for our Tuesday Tip or Trick…we are talking Valentine’s Day!  I’m sharing some ways to give your loved ones a “heart attack” this February with my Heart Attack Valentine Activity!

3 Ways to Give a Heart Attack this Valentine's Day at

While I understand fully the severity of heart attacks, I do have some non life threatening ones that your family and friends would actually want!  Here are # Ways to “Heart Attack” your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!  I have included free printables and cut files to make this as easy as possible for you to recreate

Whether you live near or far you can send love to your family and friends with these fun ways to shower them in hearts!

Supplies Needed for Heart Attack Valentine Activity:

  • Cardstock in Valentine (or not) colors
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sharpie
  • (optional) Silhouette Cut File for a Cameo, Curio, or Portrait
  • (optional) Free Heart Printable to cut out in place of the cardstock
  • (optional) Paper Doilies if you hate to cut things out and don’t have an electronic cutting machine

Heart Attack Valentine Activity at

1.  Heart Attack Door Décor.

Easiest Way to Freeze Berries at

The Best Way to Freeze Berries | Tips & Tricks

As Summer is dwindling down and we are getting ready to say good bye to all the wonderfully sweet and fresh fruits in this neck of the woods, I thought I would share today the Best Way to Freeze Berries for my Tuesday Tips & Tricks Post!

The Best Way to Freeze Berries at

I use frozen berries for pies, for smoothies, for desserts and ice-cream toppings and so much more and there is nothing more annoying then going to grab a few berries for a smoothie and finding a giant berry popsicle.  They are all frozen together in one giant clump.  This is the best way to freeze berries that will alleviate that annoyance!

Freezing Berries.