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Advertising & A Christmas List

Guess what???  I am now accepting sponsors/advertising space on my blog!  I advertised my blog on Key Lime Digital Designs as well as Lines Across My Face and I have noticed increased traffic from those sites!  I want to spread the love.  My blog grows each day so why not grow together with your blog/business/shop??? 

A Few Blog Updates

I made a few improvements to the good ‘ole blog.  Just thought I’d mention them quickly. Blog Reader Improvement I’m not sure how you subscribe to my blog, but if you read it in Google Reader then you might be familiar with this situation: You read a blog in reader but want to actually VISIT

Serious Pet Peeves…

Are there things that really irk you? Like kind of drive you crazy sometimes? They are silly things but really rub you the wrong way? Here is a list of mine. I felt the need to share these with you all in hopes that maybe you too have some annoyances you will share with me

Not So Fabulous Photos

I feel the need to explain why some of my photos on the ‘ole blog suck so bad.   Let me show you my “craft cave” as I refer to it!  Like I have mentioned before, we are leasing a brand spanking new townhouse here in Joplin.  Here it is: Here is the kitchen.  Nice kitchen

My Site Has Moved!

I made the jump!!  I got myself a domain name and now I am running on a self hosted wordpress site.  I manned the switch from the free version of wordpress ( to the self hosted version ( myself so please be patient as I figure out all the quirks! While I fully figure out

Versatile Blogger Award!

I was lucky enough to receive the Versatile Blogger Award!  How nice is that, right? I know, it made my day!!! There are some rules that come with this award: Rule #1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. The super sweet ladies of Sew Stylish

Made In America Challenge Update

Happy Friday to you everyone!  I just wanted to give you an update to my Made In America Challenge that I posted a month back.  I told you I would give you a run down on what I discovered while attempting to source “Made in America” products while on every shopping adventure! Overall thought for

Do You Remember?

Do you remember where you were 1o years ago today?  I do. I was in my third year of college.  I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard my phone ringing.  I let it go to my machine.  It rang again and went to the machine and then rang again.  I was annoyed! 

Mommapalooza 2011

Yep, that is the name I graced our Mommy’s Only Float Trip that we had this past weekend. Merrsidotes and I kept complaining to one another that we needed something more than a night out.  Something that was just for mommies where we could talk honestly and without criticism (husbands) and after all the belly aching about

Made in America Challenge!

I recently stumbled across a chain forward email speaking about a piece Diane Sawyer did on the amount of household items we have that are made in other countries and showcases the fractional increase in cost if we would have in fact purchased all the same items that were made in the USA. It also talks about how that


Hi there! I was not in love with my site and have been making some changes. Thanks for bearing with me during the trial and error process! I am doing everything myself and learn as I go. Sometimes it takes me a bit. Thanks for being patient!

Finding Happy

Does everyone find happiness at some point in their life? I remember when I was in college, of having a feeling that there was something missing. I was not happy. I knew this, and also knew that this was a transition time, so to speak, for better things to come.  I tried my best to


Well I finally fell into the twitter trap! I am not exactly 100% sure what I am doing. Is it just like constant status updates on Facebook? That seems like a lot of work, however everyone else is doing it so why not? (Insert my dad saying “Cheryl, if everyone else jumped off a bridge

Joplin, MO Tornado Craziness Part 2

At first I was going to make this post about more of the devastation around Joplin.  After driving through what I would refer to as “ground zero”, I feel that unless you actually see it for yourself, in person, no photo will ever show you the true devastation.  Imagine driving down a main road in

Walmart Woes

I hate Wal-mart!  What I hate even more is the fact that I have to go there every week!  Target doesn’t carry our brand of dog food and let’s just face it…shampoo, razors, napkins, TP and paper towels are just cheaper there!  I still hate it in all it’s ghetto-hillbilly-trashiness glory!  I was actually beginning to accept Wal-Mart

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