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A Sad Day…


In the wake of today’s news of the elementary shooting in Newtown, CT, I am going to postpone today’s 25 days of Christmas series post.  I will just extend it out one more day.  Posting a tutorial on a holiday craft seems trivial in light of the hurt and fear that these families and the rest of the country are experiencing today.  It is tragic and heartbreaking that an individual carried out such horrific actions on innocent people…innocent children.

I ask that we take this moment and say a prayer for the families of the victims.  How hard it will be for them to celebrate the holidays with a family member missing.  I do believe that the victims are in angels’ arms right now and are experiencing the glory of heaven.

I know you all will understand because I know you too are feeling the same gut-wrenching heartache and  mind boggling awe that I am. So many questions.  So many feelings.

Give extra kisses to your family.  Take a moment to remember life is precious and to treat each other with love because someone is always fighting a battle.  Love works wonders.

Newtown, CT you are in my thoughts and prayers.



6 Responses to A Sad Day…

  1. Our prayers are for the lives lost to be at peace and for their families to have strength to get them through this horrible time. God Willing. Ameen.

  2. Such sweet sentiments! It is definitely hard to realize that this actually happened, and I cry every time I read something about it. I just started following your blog and was touched to read these special words by you today.

  3. I sat, glued to the TV, all day long yesterday. My heart just breaks. It’s sad that this world has come to this all-time low.. I can’t imagine what it’s even like for those parents, nor do I even want to begin to imagine it. ):

  4. What a beautiful gesture you have made. Even in Australia we are feeling the pain and heartbreak of the poor families that have lost their precious loved ones. Well done on being so respectful and loving xx

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A Mom talking about Kids, Products, Crafts & DIYs with a healthy dose of sarcasm!

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