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New Year’s Bucket List

You know I love lists, right?  Well, I made one of these last year but didn’t’ really stick with it.  I am hoping that by sharing this with all of you it will prompt me to be better at sticking to it!

2012 New Year

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  You make them and they are out the door normally by happy hour on January 1st.  At least for me they are.  It’s just not practical to make a resolution and then just “BAM!  It’s January 1st, GO!  DO IT!”  Resolutions and changes take preparation and time and determination.  Not just a date to start it.  So I don’t make resolutions, but what I do make is a list for the year.  A list of all those things that you just keep putting off.  The things that you want to do, but just never make time to do them.  Then you have the year to start knocking items off your list.

Normal day to day things aren’t on here, duh!  You have to feed your children…like EACH day, I know annoying right?  But what I can put on my list is to incorporate them into cooking more or using a new ingredient each month.  Not on the list:  Laundry.  On the list: Purging my closet with each season.  Things I need to do, but aren’t life or death so always get pushed off!

Here is my list:

2012 To Do List

  1. Organize my recipe album/binder
  2. Make Ryan’s Baby Book
  3. See a movie in a movie theater
  4. Have a date night with my husband at least once a month
  5. purge extra clothes from my closet each season
  6. Take more pictures of my kids
  7. Get more pictures of me with my kids
  8. try a new ingredient each month
  9. Read Pride and Prejudice
  10. Finish the growth chart for the boys
  11. Make a grocery budget and stick to it
  12. play more games as a family
  13. make working out a priority
  14. do something small for myself each month
  15. have a “girls only weekend” away
  16. Have more meaningful conversations with my husband
  17. learn to like to watch basketball games on television
  18. stay up to date on the family website of pictures of the boys
  19. send both sets of grandparents more of the boys artwork
  20. Make more desserts
  21. run a 5k
  22. take a dance, pottery or photography class
  23. play an intramural team sports again.
  24. plant a garden with raspberries and sunflowers with Michael.
  25. organize all our family photos on an external hard drive or discs
  26. create better toy storage and make the boys a playroom if we can
  27. decorate the boys rooms
  28. send photos of the boys to Aunt Betty more frequently
  29. wear the awesome jewelry I have
  30. Try to live a little “greener”.  Each month find a new way to cut back or recycle things.
  31. spend more time as a family to make more family memories and traditions
  32. get up to date on the boys’ yearly adventure books
  33. cook more with my kids/introduce Ryan to cooking with Michael & I.
  34. take more time to PLAY!  Dirt will still be there!
  35. Build a piece of furniture.
  36. do something small for my husband each week
  37. take more pictures of the two of us together
  38. eat less processed food.
  39. organize at least one aspect of our life each month.
  40. make a photo book of Michael’s artwork

I am sure I will add to this as the year goes on.  It is meant to be a running tally of all those things that I want to accomplish in this new year but know that all 40 items can’t just be started and maintained right on January 1st!  This is more my style!  (and I get oober excited to cross things OFF my list…you know, you remember right??)

Wishing you a HAPPY and SAFE New Year!!! 

And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…

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6 Responses to New Year’s Bucket List

  1. You put the whole resolution thing in the right prespective! I grabbed my pen and paper as soon as I read your list and am starting mine. So far, “organize my recipes”….

    Thanks, kiddo!

  2. I just did this too. No resolutions for me, just goals. And then I broke down those goals into smaller steps to get me there! Feels so good to have a plan. I think about half of your bucket list is on my goals list. :)

  3. I’d start with Pride and Prejudice because you will love it! Oh, and plant the sunflowers because they are easy and fun. The rest of the list? ehhh. Happy New Year!

    • I heart sunflowers! We had them in our garden in Minnesota and our backyard backed up to a main road so Michael would make me drive by our backyard to see our giant sunflowers! (we planted the sunflowers to hide the raspberry plants–they are not so attractive!)

  4. Dear Che,

    Different Maureen here. I have a very simple and almost healthy dessert recipe you might like here – my mom made it in the summer time but it is good all the time. We call it Cottage Cheese Dessert. I know yummy and appetizing name right? But maybe it can be something to help you scratch one of your list.
    Take one container of cottage cheeese, one container of Cool Whip, one can of fruit cocktail – drained, and one box of Jello – any flavor; I recommend cherry or mixed berry. If using a large container of cottage cheese then follow through with large sizes of all the rest of the ingredients. Mix altogether and refrigerate. Enjoy!
    Yes, I know it sounds weird – my husband was sceptical the first time I made it for him – but it tastes better than it sounds.
    Hope you like it!


    P.S. Still waiting for those adoption papers!

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