Good Morning! With the fresh start of the new year my sweet friends and I are bringing you 10 Organizing Projects.   There are some excellent ideas on cleaning, organizing, and planning to get you going this new year!   To make it even sweeter we have teamed up with Erin Condren to give away one of her AWESOME Life Planners!

I have owned one for a few years and I can’t live without it!  So let’s get organizing shall we??  A few years ago when I was fresh to blogging I posted this post that inspired this printable.  I am sharing it again today because well…I thought it was perfect for this theme this month and also because there are many fresh new faces here (Welcome, welcome!)

Free Printable To Do list

I urge you to hop over to these amazing ladies blogs and check out their posts today!  You will want to save all the printables and pin these awesome tips!!

Bombshell Bling 52 Mantels 4 Marrs, One Venus Crazy Little Projects Smart School House Dimple Prints Giggles Galore The Cards We Drew That's What {Che} Said Design, Dining + Diapers HTML Map

1. Bombshell Bling

2. 52 Mantels

3. 4 Marrs One Venus

4. Crazy Little Projects

5. Smart School House

6. Dimple Prints

7. Giggles Galore

8. The Cards We Drew

9. That’s What {Che} Said

10. Design, Dining + Diapers

This printable is perfect for your day to day activities and to help you keep on track and designate a bit of time for YOURSELF.  Raise your hand if you are totally guilty of neglecting YOURSELF for the sake of your family?  (I have both hands raised!)  Designate some time to read or to paint your nails or to just sit in total silence with a glass of wine and ENJOY it!


As always printables are for personal use only.  You can download your own To-Do checklist here (without watermark)

And to top it all off, we’re teaming up with the FABULOUS people over at Erin Condren to giveaway a Life Planner and Gift Box Briefcase! Like I said above I have owned a Life Planner for years now and absolutely love them!  The designs are customizable and you’ll love the different things each planner has to offer! The folks at Erin Condren have thought of EVERY possible way to get you organized and ready for your busy schedule! Enter to win a Life Planner by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Jonessa

    I love these planners!!!

  2. I love getting organizing tips. Thanks for the printable and the chance to win this planner.

  3. Nikolette B

    I love the Happy Stripes planner

  4. Oops, forgot to mention I’m in love with the gold edition purple planner.

  5. I would get the 2014 life planner -jolly jester -blues

  6. KWolff

    I just can’t decide! I have been in love with the Inspire planner for ages. The photo collage planner also makes me smile. I would be tickled pink with any of them though! :D
    thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Barb Leffeler

    It if so very hard to decide which planner is my favorite. But I think I like Peacock the best for now.

  8. Chelle Chapman

    I love the 2014 life planner -e sea -sea life -multi

    PLN14-44!! Thanks SO much for this AWESOME giveaway!!!

  9. I would chose the Paisley pattern for my next EC planner…. I think. It’s so hard to chose!

  10. Emm

    I’d pick the teal gold edition planner

  11. Novene Manley

    At 64 I’d say I’m definitely in need of a “Classic Planner”. Life moves so fast with 24 grandkids It’s all about planning what comes next!

  12. Trisha Schexsnayder

    I’d love the happy stripes 2014 life planner.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity! <3

  13. I’d get the 2014 life planner in gold ribbon/candy lace!

  14. Thank you for the printable…will be very useful

  15. Natalie

    I love the gold edition and the fleur feliz.

  16. Taylor Rackey

    I would totally choose the gold edition in purple!! :)

  17. Tracy

    Oh the Paisley Life Planner is my top pick for sure! Thanks for all of the wonderful organizing tips to start off the new year and a chance at this exciting giveaway!

  18. Kimberlee

    I would get the 2014 planner for a fitness and meal planner. I love Erin Condren products!

  19. Love that Picture This! Life Planner!

  20. Heather B

    I have the “Happy Stripes” life planner (I LOVE it!) but I would gift a gold edition planner to my best friend because I know she would love to have one for her new job!

  21. Helen B.

    The Life Planner in Taffy–pink/green :)

  22. I just spent entirely too long looking at these incredible planners! All I can say is I LOVE them all!

  23. Miriam Prantner

    I would pick the paisley one I think.

  24. Kristin

    So cute!! Love these printables & planner!

  25. michele K

    Candy Lace Life Planner

  26. All of them! I want all of them :) But if I HAD to choose, I’d go with the life planner in gold and white! I love her new gold ones :)

  27. Elizabeth G.

    I like the 2014 life planner -GOLD EDITION -white

  28. a life planner w/ a big ole’ picture on the front!

  29. diana mathews

    I would love any one of their planners. Love their planners and so need one..!

  30. Laci

    I like the fleur-feliz-watercolor.

  31. Donna

    I love them all but the Life Planner with the Navy/Red Taffy cover is probably my favourite, alongside those shiny gold editions!!

  32. Amanda Buccieri

    I love the 2014 life planner -color block!

  33. Kari C.

    I love planners and those look fantastic!!!

  34. Randalyn

    I love the Paisley Planner!

  35. I love that this sheet includes time for “me” and helps me keep track of how much water I drink throughout the day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Two things I need so much work on Mariah! :)

  36. I love all the planner designs – it is so hard to choose.I think I have to choose 2014 life planner -fleur feliz watercolor -pinks/purples as being my favorite though

  37. Katie

    I would love the Collage Life Planner.

  38. Katie

    I love how simple and straightforward this planner is! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Nicole

    I would love the GOld Edition Turquoise!!

  40. I’ve been hankering for an Erin Condren planner for some time now. Eventually, I’m just going to break down and buy one. But first, I’ll try to win one! I really like the viva espana watercolor one. Thanks for the chance, Cheryl! Happy new year!

  41. Definitely the gold edition in turquoise!

  42. I love the peacock one!

  43. Jen

    I loved my 2013 Erin Condren planner…

  44. I’d pick the gold and white planner!

  45. Eri Mera

    Organized freak over here!! 2014 life planner -e sea -sand dollar that’s my favorite of all, I wish I could win it. I live in Greece and it’ almost impossible to bring one here!!

  46. Ashley

    I would love a photo florals planner!

  47. Rhi

    Wow! I love these posts on getting organised – I remember seeing this printable on your site a while ago, and it’s brilliant. Just downloaded it again for going back to work tomorrow – thank you.

  48. Heater M.

    So many to pick from, but i l.o.v.e the Signature Stripes!!

  49. jo marks

    gorgeous planners! I love the inspire one :-)

  50. liz

    happy stripes!

  51. Ashley C

    I’d pick the collage planner!


  52. Che-

    I missed the boat on the giveaway… :(

    But on a happy note, I pinned your free printable to our organization board for teachers. :)

    Hope you are feeling well,

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